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The Closer Wraps Season 3 With a Bang

I am so, so glad The Closer ended the season like it did, focusing 95 percent on the trial and only 5 percent on Brenda’s personal life.

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Is The Closer Set to Disappoint?

One of my favorite shows, TNT’s The Closer, ends it’s season this week, and I’ve been holding off on posting about it for a few weeks now, because I’m afraid the season finale is going to disappoint.

The same thing happened to me back when Without A Trace first started.

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Catching Up With The Closer

It’s been three episodes since I last blogged about The Closer, and we’re really still no closer (no pun intended) to finding out about Brenda’s medical issues.

Sure, they’ve hinted around about early-onset menopause, but there still seems to be some mystery to the whole storyline.

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Is Brenda Pregnant on The Closer?

They’ve been hinting around about this for at least two weeks now on The Closer.

This week, Brenda was sick, but not with the flu, and she was avoiding dealing with it.

There’s something about it that makes me think TPTB (the powers that be) are at least trying to make viewers think she might be pregnant.

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Cases Closed on The Closer

The past two eps of The Closer have been just the way I like ’em. Full of quick, funny dialogue, plenty of who-done-it and personal drama.

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Politics and Family Cloud The Closer

This week’s ep of The Closer found Brenda in a sticky situation, both at work and at home.

First of all, beware of men bearing whipped cream-topped hot coffee in bed, because they more than likely screwed up and are trying to redeem themselves, as was the case with Brenda’s live-in boyfriend, Fritz, who “accidentally” (in the most passive-aggressive way imaginable) answered B’s phone when it so happened her “Daddy” was calling her.

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The Closer Team Back in Business

TNT’s The Closer kicked off its third season with a gory homicide scene involving the brutal stabbing of three victims.

Last night, as Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson (played brilliantly by Kyra Sedgwick) led her team, she also had to contend with budget cutbacks affecting her department, and an anxious live-in boyfriend who wanted her to go house hunting with him. And all of this came down over the weekend, of course.
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