1209979874_69a3e3c29e1.jpgWelcome to Kendra’s Corner!

Kendra White recently relocated to San Francisco from Chicago where she got her degree in English Writing and Gender and Women’s Studies. She is an avid TV fan who’s thrilled to combine her love of writing with her love of TV and movies!


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Lost and Heroes: Who will return this season?

Find out on Get Reel! While Lost doesn’t blink an eye anymore at knocking off cast members as the island takes out their characters one way or another, they’ve decided one of their absent characters will be back on board. Heroes, on the other hand, left us hanging with the death of one cast member who is now officially off the show for the upcoming season!

Get Reel: LOST’s Michael Returns for Season 4

Get Reel: Heroes – Who won’t you be seeing in Season 2?

Harry Potter has arrived!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came to theaters across the U.S. starting out with 12:01 am showings Tuesday night (7/10). Check out the info on the movie, reviews, and how to get tickets on [[Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix]] as well as everything Harry Potter including games, trivia, videos, and more! Also, follow the Harry Potter news on the SideReel blog:

Get Reel: Harry Potter – Magic is in the air tonight…

Get Reel: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Lost: Connections

As the (slightly) complicated storylines of Lost unfold, we’ve been finding out gasp-worthy connections between the characters from when they were back in the “real world” as well as little moments here and there from the airport before they took off. If you forgot a couple (or a lot) and want to straighten it all out before Lost returns, check out ABC’s Lost: Connections with explanations and photos to help you out!

Pam vs. Karen

It’s a long, long summer until The Office will return, so let’s have a little fun obsessing over the fascinating boxing match waiting to happen: Pam vs. Karen. Roy had his chance at attacking Jim, so we can only hope and speculate about what just might happen now that Jim and Pam are heading out for a date… eventually. Enjoy some Pam vs. Karen links, info, and videos. Don’t forget to visit the wonderful Jim & Pam as well!

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