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Real World: Gay Mardi Gras Reveals All

fb_08.jpgThis week’s episode of The Real World: Sydney did more than show off the colors of the gay pride flag at Sydney’s Gay Mardi Gras, but it showed some very true colors of the Real Worlders themselves.

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Real World: Bed-hopping with the best of ’em

fb_01.jpgWhile MTV’s Newport Harbor may be too tame for MTV (more), Real World: Sydney is trying to step it up to years past of insane drama, and of course, roommates “accidently” getting in bed together.

While it looked like the first people ready to jump in bed would be Isaac and Shauvon, they’ve really cooled it off physically (except for a possible fist fight). Now KellyAnne’s sweet little crush on Cohutta has escalated from back scratching and a little kiss to full on action.

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Real World Sydney: Relationship Overload

fb_02a.jpgIs the only thing Real World cast members get out of the experience is learning how to screw up their at-home relationships? There are too many Real Worlders to name who’ve decided that the experience of being on the show is worth leaving their significant other for 4 months which means either a break-up or a long distance relationship.

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Real World: Annoying Americans Invade Sydney

main_281x211.jpg I thought Season 19 of The Real World was looking up when the cast including a very southern boy and a Muslim girl began to be introduced. But it looks like bringing in some people who don’t look and act like models and adding diversity to the group will only add to the same old catty drama instead of creating a bit more depth like they had in the old days when The Real World first started out.

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