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Anchorwoman Sinks

jam_anchorwoman2561.jpgAnchorwoman certainly made a splash last week on Fox… and then sank immediately. After bad ratings for the August 22 premiere, Fox has canceled the show. So much for second chances.

With the show’s failure, though, Fox must’ve felt there was no chance for improvement. Looks like Lauren Jones’ attempts for a more serious career is going to have to change direction.

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Anchorwoman: From Swimsuits to Business Suits

ph2007082102012.jpg Anchorwoman premieres tonight on FOX at 8/7c. Swimsuit model Lauren Jones moves from LA to Tyler, Texas in attempt to become a serious news anchor for KYTX Channel 19. Check out Lauren’s first try at reading the very “tricky” teleprompter and get the inside scoop on the show:

Lauren’s First Teleprompter Read

Celeb TV: Bikini Anchorwoman

Photo courtesy of The Washington Post