The Closer Team Back in Business

TNT’s The Closer kicked off its third season with a gory homicide scene involving the brutal stabbing of three victims.

Last night, as Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson (played brilliantly by Kyra Sedgwick) led her team, she also had to contend with budget cutbacks affecting her department, and an anxious live-in boyfriend who wanted her to go house hunting with him. And all of this came down over the weekend, of course.

For those who aren’t regular The Closer watchers (all two of you, since the show was cable’s number-one series of all time as of last season), Johnson’s team includes Det. Lt. Provenza (played by G.W. Bailey), Det. Julio Sanchez (played by Raymond Cruz), Det. Mike Tao (played by Michael Paul Chan), Det. Daniels (played by Gina Ravera), Sgt. David Gabriel (Corey Reynolds), and Det. Andy Flynn (Anthony John Denison).

Individually, they are all good actors. But together, they are excellent. Although this team had a rocky start when Johnson first arrived and took over the department, today they gel as one, rib each other like siblings, and laugh like friends.

Even Commander Taylor (played perfectly by Robert Gossett) seems to have mellowed out a bit, now that he’s not reporting to the Deputy Chief.

Johnson’s live-in boyfriend, Fritz Howard (played by Jon Tenney), is an agent for the FBI, which further complicates things because she’s always asking him to do work-related favors, landing him in hot water with his colleagues more often than not.

There are all kinds of crime shows on TV, but The Closer stands apart due mostly to Johnson, an Atlanta transplant now living in Los Angeles who has a sweet tooth and often offers a sugary “thank you” when she’s asking for something.

She and her team almost always solve the case, but the best part of the show is the relationship she has with each and every one of her colleagues—a group that more than likely would never be acquaintances, let alone friends, were it not for the work they do—closing cases. The Closer is on Mondays at 9/8c.


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