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Journeyman: The NBC Must-See of the Season

Not everyone trusted NBC’s instincts when they brought out a new little series last fall called Heroes. It seemed a little iffy on if a show about super heroes could really make a good primetime drama. But any doubts were put aside as Heroes became the most captivating new series of the season.

This season, Journeyman is definitely NBC’s new must-see. Like Heroes, there’s that element of the main character(s) having some sort of discovered and an uncertain mission those powers are meant for. Also like Heroes, there’s an element of immediate captivation with the intriguing story and unique characters.

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CBS New Shows: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Take a look at the new CBS shows including The Big Bang Theory, Cane, and Viva Laughlin on E! Online’s Watch with Kristin:

Totally Tube Reviews: CBS

Watch it now: New Show Previews

For all new and returning show premiere dates: 2007 TV Premiere Schedule

Kid Nation: An Awkward Inspiration to Us All

xl.jpegKid Nation is the Survivor for kids yet set in the dull old American West. Literally, the old West – in a town called Bonanza that a whole bunch of settlers (adults mind you) couldn’t pull together as a working community.

The premiere was certainly interesting. As Andy Dehnart of MSNBC describes: “the show’s first episode was alternatingly uncomfortable, inspiring, and awkward.” And that it was.

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Back to You: A Dash of Grammer and Laughs

Back to You brings back something indeed: memories of what light, good fun we used to have with primetime sitcoms like in the days of Friends and That 70’s Show. They’ve not been erased from the primetime line-up, but they certainly have been overshadowed by hour-long dramas and comedies like The Office and My Name Is Earl that are comedy beyond the title of a sitcom.

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K-Ville Premiere Lacks Luster

kvillecast1.jpgOn the opening scene of FOX’s K-Ville, I was ready to feel the sadness all over again with the tragic scenes of the very fresh Katrina aftermath to the point of feeling a little uncomfortable about fictionalizing it.

I expected this uneasiness about K-Ville as it opened with rescue boats floating, people calling out for help without answer, and general overwhelming tragedy. But then all that just cut off.

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Top 5 “Newbies” You’ll Love This Fall

E! Online’s Kristin Veitch has 5 TV “newbies” you are sure to love this fall! Check out the fresh faces she’s dishing about from Bionic Woman, Gossip Girl, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, and Reaper.

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New TV shows on DVD this week

These are the titles we reviewed on the Sept. 4 edition of Talking Television with Dave White:

30 Rock, Season One
Desperate Housewives, Season Three
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seasons One and Two
Nip/Tuck, Season Four
Prison Break, Season Two
Rules of Engagement, Season One
Bosom Buddies, Season Two
The Gumby Show: The Gumby Essentials, Volume One
Two and a Half Men, Season One
Jericho, Season One
I Dream of Jeannie, Season Four
McHale’s Navy, Season Two

Baseball’s Most Unbreakable Feats

To hear our complete report, click below. The DVD report begins about ten minutes into the program:

Join Frankie and me on Sept. 25, when we pay tribute to James Garner, Roy Huggins and the 50th anniversary of Maverick. Our guest that night will be Mick Martin, co-author of Video Movie Guide. Webcast begins at 10:30pm ET/7:30pm PT on Share-a-Vision Radio,

Ed Robertson

The O.C.’s Rachel Bilson on Chuck


The adorable and sexy Summer of The O.C., Rachel Bilson, will be guest starring on NBC’s new series, Chuck! She’ll be playing Chuck’s love interest as part of a love triangle with Chuck and his “CIA protector” (Dos Santos).

It looks like this nice guy turned accidental government secret stealer is in for quite a bit of juicy and hilarious drama!

Don’t miss the premiere of Chuck on NBC Monday, September 24th at 8/7c.

Watch it now: Chuck Preview

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The New (hear me roar!) Women of TV

Move over, guys. The ladies are taking over. Personally, I think there have been some fantastic, strong female characters on TV for a little while now, but this fall season is most certainly stepping it up with new shows including Bionic Woman, Cashmere Mafia, and Cavemen.

Take a look at the new dynamic women hitting the small screen this fall:

Women are the new men on TV

Also, check out the new Fall Season Schedule and watch New Show Previews!

New Show Previews

This fall is chalk-full of great new shows. Check out previews to scope out what your new favorite shows will be. Also, make sure you don’t miss out on catching new shows and your favorite returning shows: 2007 TV Premiere Schedule.

Watch previews now on SideReel:

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