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Nate And Jennylee Back on BATG

Nate & JennyleeThis season’s Beauty and The Geek kicked off with Nate and Jennylee (the cutie couple from last season) out trolling the U.S. in search of candidates for the show.

After scouring Boston (where Nate hails from), Washington D.C., Chicago, Little Rock (Arkansas), Hollywood, and Las Vegas (Jennylee’s home), the cast was set.

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Beauty and the Geek Season 4: Insanity Ensues

Well this is just crazy talk. Season 4 of Beauty and the Geek premieres tonight – but it’s not just following the usual routine where hot girls learn to adore and appreciate geeky boys and geeky boys learn hot girls are people too. This time around, there will be one odd couple out: a pair with a hot guy and a geeky girl!

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