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Happy trails to you

The Encore Westerns Channel pays tribute to Gene Autry, one of the great cowboys of movies and television, with a 100-hour marathon of fully restored Autry movies beginning tonight at 8pm ET and PT and continuing through Tuesday, Oct. 2.  The marathon includes the exclusive world television premiere of “Gene Autry: White Hat, Silver Screen,” a 30-minute special on Gene’s life and career that will be repeated throughout the weekend as well as throughout October.

Till we meet again,

Ed Robertson

Some Answers, More Questions on Prison Break

This week on Prison Break there were a few answers and some huge questions.

1. Whistler is out of hiding, cleared by “the mayor” and under Michael’s watchful eye
2. T-Bag is still a scum, and Bellick is a close second
3. Maricruz is fine and dandy, and Sucre is not going to see her
4. Alex is desperate and willing to do anything
5. Versailles is a bank, and that note was info on a bank account
6. Michael is channeling McGuyver in prison (once again)

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The New Heroes: Part 2!

Check out the continuation of E! Online’s behind the scenes interviews with the new heroes as they mix with our already known and loved Heroes cast members:

Meet the New Heroes

Don’t miss Part 1 of these exclusive interviews: The New Heroes!

Heroes returns tonight, Monday 9/24 on NBC at 9/8c.

Sneak Peek at Battlestar Galactica: Razor

Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth season air date has yet to be set, but take a sneak peek with E! Online at the upcoming Season 4 and the 2-hour special flashback episode, “Razor” airing Saturday, November 24th.

First Look: ‘Battlestar Galactica: Razor’

New Hands on Deck for Heroes: Origins

Heroes: Origins may only be 6 episodes long, but they’re making sure it will be fantastic with some amazing talent creating the episodes! The newest addition to the Heroes: Origins writing/directing team is Eli Roth, the man behind films like Hostel and Cabin Fever.

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Journeyman: The NBC Must-See of the Season

Not everyone trusted NBC’s instincts when they brought out a new little series last fall called Heroes. It seemed a little iffy on if a show about super heroes could really make a good primetime drama. But any doubts were put aside as Heroes became the most captivating new series of the season.

This season, Journeyman is definitely NBC’s new must-see. Like Heroes, there’s that element of the main character(s) having some sort of discovered and an uncertain mission those powers are meant for. Also like Heroes, there’s an element of immediate captivation with the intriguing story and unique characters.

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What’s On: Monday 9/24


Dancing with the Stars, ABC, Season Premiere
How I Met Your Mother, CBS, Season Premiere
Prison Break, FOX
Chuck, NBC, Series Premiere

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Premiere Week is Here!

The official premiere week of the fall season is here! Don’t miss the premieres of your favorite shows and the many great new shows kicking off this week.

Sunday, 9/23

Family Guy, FOX
The Simpsons, FOX
CW Now, CW
Online Nation, CW
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What’s On: Sunday 9/23



CW Now, CW, Series Premiere


Online Nation, CW, Series Premiere

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What’s On: Saturday 9/22


Kid Nation, CBS
Cops, FOX
48 Hours Mystery, CBS

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