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New TV shows on DVD this week

These are the titles we reviewed on the Sept. 4 edition of Talking Television with Dave White:

30 Rock, Season One
Desperate Housewives, Season Three
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seasons One and Two
Nip/Tuck, Season Four
Prison Break, Season Two
Rules of Engagement, Season One
Bosom Buddies, Season Two
The Gumby Show: The Gumby Essentials, Volume One
Two and a Half Men, Season One
Jericho, Season One
I Dream of Jeannie, Season Four
McHale’s Navy, Season Two

Baseball’s Most Unbreakable Feats

To hear our complete report, click below. The DVD report begins about ten minutes into the program:

Join Frankie and me on Sept. 25, when we pay tribute to James Garner, Roy Huggins and the 50th anniversary of Maverick. Our guest that night will be Mick Martin, co-author of Video Movie Guide. Webcast begins at 10:30pm ET/7:30pm PT on Share-a-Vision Radio,

Ed Robertson


Desperate Housewives Season 3 on DVD!

51yb-ilayil_ss500_.jpgDesperate Housewives Season 3 is now available on DVD! Get ’em while they’re hot… actually, these ladies are always hot.

So, get the DVD before the Season 4 premiere, Sunday September 30th, so you can catch up or refresh yourself on the drama that was Season 3!

Buy it now on Amazon: Season 3 on DVD

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Starter Wife’s Cinderella: Divorced and Fabulous

The Starter Wife finale was certainly a modern fairytale ending for a modern-day Cinderella. Perhaps it was actually the Cinderella post-happily-ever-after story. After all, as we saw in the premier episode, Molly had it all. She was Hollywood royalty and had the prince who’d swept her off her poor, confused feet to get her there.

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Starter Wife: Back from the Dead.

Everybody wants to go to their own funeral (at least that’s what people say including Lou Manahan on The Starter Wife). And go to his own funeral he did. It turns out when you’re a very rich movie studio exec. you have your funeral in a concert hall. Perhaps I should consider a career change.

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Starter Wife: Bailing Out.

The suspense about Lou‘s disappearance didn’t last long on The Starter Wife, but his reappearance was certainly dramatic enough to not leave any disappointment.

While Sam sat in jail with questions on the minds of the police as well as Molly about his involvement with Lou’s disappearance, a man jumped out in a dark parking garage to attack Molly. Where was her tough homeless hottie to save her?? Oh right. In jail because of the attacker: Lou Reincarnated!

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Starter Wife: Homeless Hottie on the Loose

The Starter Wife is turning out to be one of those great shows that is packed with scandal, but yet isn’t trumping the soap operas with craziness of it all. I love Desperate Housewives for its constant shockers, but it’s done very dramatically where as in the last episode of Starter Wife, I loved it all the way through but didn’t realize until the end how many scandalous things had gone on.

Molly found out her mysterious beach hottie, Sam, was on the beach so much because that was where he lived. Literally. No charming beach-side home but a charming beach-side box, as her catty ex-friends were so thrilled to tell her.

Meanwhile, Lou, her absent dinner date became a police case, she dressed up like a tramp to save Joan from rehab, and Cricket discovered her husband paying off their Russian nanny who he “accidentally” slept with. So, drama it is for The Starter Wife, but with a lot of contemplation for Molly which keeps the drama somehow more realistic as we see her many insecurities all throughout the cattiness, kisses, and failing marriages.

Check out the next episode of The Starter Wife on USA tonight at 9/8c!

The Starter Wife: Premier

The Starter Wife on USA started out strong with its premier episode on Thursday, 5/31. It has a bit of an adult fairytale feeling that creatively shows the Hollywood (literally since she lives there), fairytale ending Debra Messing‘s character, Molly Kagan, had when she married her movie studio exec. husband.

But, as a clever show should do, the story begins at the end: with her divorce and shunning from the high society of Hollywood housewives. In other words, when she goes from wife to starter wife.

I love Debra Messing from Will & Grace and her movies as well, but when the character intros were evolving on the premier episode, I was a little concerned about the fact that one of her three best friends, Rodney, is a gay man. But, not to worry. Not only is her character far calmer than Grace, but so is her relationship with her gay friend which works beautifully for this series.

Other than this relationship, the show has many highlights from her great friendships with some of the only real people left in Hollywood, to her relationship with her daughter, and of course, some promising romantic possibilities. The Starter Wife is definitely one to watch this summer, so catch it on USA Thursday nights at 9/8c.

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