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Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 on DVD

51kxoh1p23l_aa240_.jpgThe TV DVDs are popping out like crazy with the new seasons starting up very soon! Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 comes out on DVD tomorrow, Tuesday September 11th.

Get your Grey’s fix and pre-order now on Amazon:

Season 3 on DVD

Season 4 begins on ABC Thursday, September 27th!

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So, Docs, what do we have to look forward to?

Track guide: Low Millions -“Here She Comes”; Kelis -“Trick Me”; The Wallflowers- “One Headlight”; & Grace Potter and the Nocturnals -“Stop the Bus”

Season 4 Cast of Grey's Anatomy

There are some things that are beautiful when they’re grey: the sky (especially with a warm drink), cats (cute!), and turtleneck sweaters (mmmm cashmere). And of course, there are others we think are bad being grey (hair, for example). Unfortunately, the future for Grey’s Anatomy is…well…grey. Continue reading ‘So, Docs, what do we have to look forward to?’

The Emmys: New Shows Steal the Spotlight

While the Emmys have not always given much recognition to new shows, this year they’re getting up to speed and giving nominations where they’re due to great “younger” shows like Ugly Betty and Heroes. Unfortunately, though, other shows expected to be in the running were ignored including the extremely popular shows Lost, Friday Night Lights, and Desperate Housewives. Personally, I’m thrilled to see shows like Heroes and Ugly Betty being nominated, but it’s interesting that Grey’s Anatomy and House made the list but not these others like Lost that have all been running for 3 seasons.

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Isaiah Washington Joins NBC’s Bionic Woman

Isaiah Washington doesn’t waste any time. He hasn’t taken his “shunning” from ABC and from many in the public as a sign to disappear for a little while, but just to switch networks. He’ll be guest starring on NBC’s Bionic Woman this fall- hopefully he doesn’t have any issues with powerful females with robot parts. Personally I’d find that more threatening than a gay man on set, but that’s just me.

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Gay Activists Petition for Isaiah Washington

Grey’s Anatomy is months away from returning to the air yet it’s still making plenty of waves. Since ABC officially fired Isaiah Washington, it seemed the issue was put to rest, but no such luck.

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Isaiah Washington last Grey’s Anatomy Uncertain

The official news is that it’s still unofficial as to if Isaiah Washington is returning to Grey’s Anatomy for the fourth season this fall. So, while the news on Grey’s remains a little foggy, at least one thing is clear: the rest of the cast (besides Kate Walsh) will be returning.

T.R. Knight is confirmed as returning for the season and, according to, will be receiving a small piece of Grey’s profits and $125K per episode (Rice, EW: Paging Dr. McMoney). Not a bad deal.

Now the question is what exactly Knight’s character George will be returning to do. Will he decide to redo his internship year? Will he only show up as Callie‘s loser husband? Or will he be there just to cause more relationship drama either by staying with Callie and trying to have a baby or by leaving her for Izzie after all?

There’s plenty of drama to look forward to with or without Washington, but I’ll still anxiously await his decision!

Ausiello, Michael, TV Guide: Scoop on Grey’s Anatomy, The Closer, Rescue Me and More
Rice, Lynette, EW: Paging Dr. McMoney

Grey’s Anatomy Finale

It felt as if in the finale of Grey’s Anatomy that not much happened. Mostly it was concluding storylines that needed to be taken care of and creating a few cliffhangers. I suppose that’s the job of a finale, but usually Grey’s has a little more in store.

I thought Burke and Cristina might actually go through with the wedding, but with Burke leaving, it looks like it’s been made pretty easy for Isaiah Washington to leave the show. Cristina’s exclamation of being free was heartbreaking yet still freeing. It seemed as if she really regretted losing him and realized that too late, but at the same time did want the freedom.

This is probably similarly to the way Meredith will feel about breaking up with Derek, though if they both stay at Seattle Grace next season plus Lexie Grey, I really hope they don’t create a relationship between Derek and Lexie now after she hit on him at Joe’s.

I hope George comes back to the show and has a change of heart about redoing his internship year. It’ll be neat if they get the new interns on the show, as it seems to be the plan since they were shown, and keep most of the cast on as well. There’s still plenty more drama to be had with these characters, so I hope it can continue and be just as great as the 3 season-long year we’ve seen so far!

The Fate of Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy has really set us up to have no idea what will happen next season! It’s official that Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery) will have her own spin-off show, Private Practice, coming out in the fall.

Check it out on the Official ABC site.

As for the other characters, the news currently is that T.R. Knight and Isaiah Washington have not yet signed their contracts for another season. Uh oh! It looks like most of the rest of the cast have. So, though it set us up for losing any of these characters, I believe most of them should be staying on.

With the introduction of Meredith Grey‘s half-sister, Lexie Grey, who was also the woman hitting on Derek Shepherd at Joe’s bar, it should make for another turbulent season for all stick around at Seattle Grace!

Check out the news on returning cast members at:
* msnbc: Knight unsure if he’ll be back on ‘Grey’s’
* msnbc: Katherine Heigl happy to be ‘Knocked Up’

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