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Lost Brings Back Libby… For a Bit

cynthia_watros.jpgWhile Lost is certainly liberal with killing off main characters (especially when they fall in love on the island), that doesn’t always mean those characters disappear entirely from the show. Lost is the king of flashback scenes, creepy visions on the island, and now as of the end of Season 3, flash forwards too.

So all this creepiness and time-jumping brings “back” characters like the dear Boone who was among the first to die on the island, and now Hurley‘s love, Libby, who was taken down in the bout of Michael‘s insane attempts to get off the island.

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Interview with Emmy nominee Michael Emerson of “Lost”

As everyone knows, the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards are on tonight, beginning at 8pm ET/PT on Fox. Among the nominees are Michael Emerson, who’s up for Best Suporting Actor for his role as Ben Linus, the charismatic yet creepy leader of The Others, on the ABC hit series Lost.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael earlier this year, just before Lost returned to ABC’s schedule after a three-month status. Besides gleaning some insight into the Ben Linus character, we touched on many other topics, from his previous Emmy experience (he won a Best Guest Actor award in 2001 for his work on The Practice), to his character’s back story on Lost, to how people are “delighted to be terrified” by him whenever they meet him. For the record, I was not terrified when I spoke to Michael… but I was delighted. He’s a very nice man, and I think you’ll enjoy our conversation. Ed Robertson

The Office’s Jenna Fisher Down a Jim

fischergunn.jpgSadly, just as our dear Jim and Pam of The Office are getting together in their fictional lives, the real life Pam, Jenna Fisher, is splitting with her real life Jim.

Jenna Fisher and her husband, James Gunn, have decided to split, though as it seems very amicably, after almost 7 years of marriage (Finn). They aren’t reading or watching any media on the subject, which I’d say is rather wise of them, and it seems as their separation is basically an issue of not enough time together in their very busy and successful work-lives.

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Exclusive The Office Interview Video!

74146040.jpgCheck out this exclusive video of The Office stars Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey on! Hear all about The Office Season 3 DVD (just released today!), what would happen if Angela ran the office, Angela Kinsey’s secrets of the past Rainn teases her about and more.

Watch it now: Exclusive “The Office” Interview

The Office returns on NBC Thursday, September 27th!

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The Office Season 3 on DVD

51lhjrieq4l_aa240_.jpgSeason 3 of The Office is here! The third season of the beloved, hilarious office comedy is now available on DVD – avoid the crowds and get yours now on Amazon.Buy Season 3 on DVD

Also, check out the exclusive interview with Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey promoting the DVD release and keeping us laughing with their adorably hysterical banter!

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Lost’s Five New Cast Members

jeff.jpgI thought Lost was looking suspicious when they added a few new cast members, but now they’re up to five! Something is definitely brewing on the island this upcoming season.

Most recent addition to the Lost cast is Jeff Fahey, currently “a cult-pop fave” known for the films The Lawnmower Man and Grindhouse (“‘Lost’ Scoop: Jeff Fahey Joins the Cast”). It sounds like the death of the creepy Tom of the Others has inspired the casting of another potentially creepy character.

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Another Star gets Lost

jdavies_150x218.jpgJeremy Davies (Saving Private Ryan) will be adding to the new cast members along with Rebecca Mader (more) on Lost this upcoming season (E! News Online). This is getting rather suspicious. The Lost survivors will somehow be meeting new people who will appear regularly… does this mean these are the people on Naomi’s boat, people in these new-fangled flash forwards, or new characters as the survivors actually get off the island?

Oh the questions that must wait so painfully until Lost returns mid-season! Stay tuned for more Lost news to come!

Watch Lost now on SideReel.


“Exclusive! Meet Your New Lost Castmembers!” Watch With Kristen. E! News Online. 22 Aug 2007.

Photo courtesy of MSN Movies

Rebecca Mader Joins Lost

10m1.jpgLost has indeed lost Kristen Bell to NBC’s Heroes for the upcoming season (more), but will be adding a new cast member. Rebecca Mader, who’s appeared on All My Children and Justice, will be joining the Losties for the 4th season (Mitovich).

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Rainn Wilson becomes The Rocker!

office-still-10.jpg School of Rock meets Wayne’s World meets Sebastian Bach showing up on Gilmore Girls – but better. Why? Because this 2008 comedy film, The Rocker, stars The Office‘s Rainn Wilson, known so fondly as the uptight, power-hungry, super-nerd Dwight Schrute.

Wilson plays a crazy drummer who’s old bad cruelly ditched him, and when his teenage nephew’s band needs some serious talent, he decides to go for it. Wilson’s character, “Robert Fishman, aka Fish…is a former heavy-metal drummer ‘working menial jobs and having nowhere relationships,'” (Breznican). Sounds suspiciously like Sebastian Bach’s character on Gilmore Girls aka the old guy in a teenage band – a little washed up, but who still knows how to rock… kind of.

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LOST’s Michael Returns for Season 4

michael.jpg While it’s not earth shattering news, ABC’s announcement that Harold Perrineau (who plays Michael) will be returning to Lost for Season 4 (Ausiello) certainly stirs up plenty of questions for the upcoming season!

As Lost fans know, Michael was allowed by the Others to leave the island on a boat with his son Walt at the end of Season 2, but with the Others usually so set on no one leaving the island, it was questionable to if Michael and Walt really made it home.

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