LOST’s Michael Returns for Season 4

michael.jpg While it’s not earth shattering news, ABC’s announcement that Harold Perrineau (who plays Michael) will be returning to Lost for Season 4 (Ausiello) certainly stirs up plenty of questions for the upcoming season!

As Lost fans know, Michael was allowed by the Others to leave the island on a boat with his son Walt at the end of Season 2, but with the Others usually so set on no one leaving the island, it was questionable to if Michael and Walt really made it home.

Meanwhile, Walt has shown up as some sort of vision to a few of the survivors since he was taken by the Others and also in Season 3 though he was supposedly off the island. It’s been considered possible he could be off the island since he has some sort of powers that would make these visions seem possible, but it’s also quite possible that he’s hidden somewhere on the island.

It obviously brings up a lot of questions about the upcoming season with this return of Harold Perrineau. If he’s going to be appearing regularly, will it just be in flashbacks and the new flash-forwards that began in the Season 3 finale? With flash-forwards of them off the island (possibly months or years later), Michael could be back as they find him in this future return ‘home.’ If he has returned to the show to become a part of the survivors’ present though, this will open a whole ton of cans of worms! This would either mean the survivors will be off the island in Season 4 and this is when they see Michael, or Michael is still on one of the islands.

So, while I’m sure it’s good news to Lost fans that a familiar face will be returning to the show, it certainly is an intriguing character return that will bring much speculation and even more impatience from fans as they wait for Lost’s return! Perhaps we’ll soon hear of Walt’s return as well, though that might give too much away… this should get interesting!

Source: Ausiello, Michael. TV Guide.com, “Live Press Tour Diary: ABC, Day 1.” 25 Jul 2007.

Photo courtesy of lostdiscussion.com


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