Lost’s Five New Cast Members

jeff.jpgI thought Lost was looking suspicious when they added a few new cast members, but now they’re up to five! Something is definitely brewing on the island this upcoming season.

Most recent addition to the Lost cast is Jeff Fahey, currently “a cult-pop fave” known for the films The Lawnmower Man and Grindhouse (“‘Lost’ Scoop: Jeff Fahey Joins the Cast”). It sounds like the death of the creepy Tom of the Others has inspired the casting of another potentially creepy character.

This is what we do know about Fahey though: according to executive producer, Carlton Cuse, Fahey “has the most intense eyes of any guy out there, and I say that as a non-gay man,” and Fahey may or may not have the beard he currently has on the show (“‘Lost’: Five Fresh Faces”). Personally, I think he looks far better without the beard, but oh, these Lost producers know how to keep their mouths shut yet talking at the same time!

So far Lost’s five new cast members include Jeff Fahey, Jeremy Davies (more), Rebecca Mader (more), Lance Reddick (from The Wire), and Ken Leung (from The Sopranos) (“‘Lost’ Scoop: Jeff Fahey Joins the Cast”). So far the most we know about these characters is that they aren’t making just a one-time appearance on Lost, but it’s also not confirmed they’re regulars.

According to another of Lost’s executive producers, Damon Lindelof, “Some of the arcs are staggered over the course of the season, some are intensive at the start of the season and may or may not continue, some of them have potential regular status in future seasons — we don’t want to divulge which is which, because frankly, the actors themselves don’t know” (“‘Lost’: Five Fresh Faces”).

I’m sorry, what? So basically, these characters will be on for more than one episode. Maybe they’ll be killed off like Anna Lucia because co-stars and viewers hated her, or maybe they’ll stick around and play out their roles. Again, we’ll have to wait and see. Besides, what fun would it be if they gave anything away? (Besides that Lost fans are dying to know something while they wait until February!!)

Well, Lost fans, I hope you’re satisfied with knowing only the tantalizing tidbits of Lost news that have been coming along – at least we’re in the dark with the good company of the Lost cast themselves!

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Photo courtesy of aslsmovie.com


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