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New TV shows on DVD this week

These are the titles we reviewed on the Sept. 4 edition of Talking Television with Dave White:

30 Rock, Season One
Desperate Housewives, Season Three
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seasons One and Two
Nip/Tuck, Season Four
Prison Break, Season Two
Rules of Engagement, Season One
Bosom Buddies, Season Two
The Gumby Show: The Gumby Essentials, Volume One
Two and a Half Men, Season One
Jericho, Season One
I Dream of Jeannie, Season Four
McHale’s Navy, Season Two

Baseball’s Most Unbreakable Feats

To hear our complete report, click below. The DVD report begins about ten minutes into the program:

Join Frankie and me on Sept. 25, when we pay tribute to James Garner, Roy Huggins and the 50th anniversary of Maverick. Our guest that night will be Mick Martin, co-author of Video Movie Guide. Webcast begins at 10:30pm ET/7:30pm PT on Share-a-Vision Radio,

Ed Robertson

New TV shows on DVD this week

These are the titles that Frankie and I reviewed on the Aug. 28 edition of Talking Television with Dave White:Dexter, Season One
House, Season Three
Til Death, Season One
Ugly Betty, Season One: The Bettyfied Edition
Heroes, Season One
Friday Night Lights, Season One
The Outer Limits, Volume Two 
The Odd Couple, Season Two

To hear our complete report, click on the link below. The DVD report begins about ten minutes into the webcast:

Ed Robertson

New on DVD: The Fugitive starring David Janssen

Click below to hear Frankie’s review of Season One, Volume One on Talking Television with Dave White:

Ed Robertson
Author, The Fugitive Recaptured
Co-Host, Talking Television with Dave White

Hope for Serenity II?

serenityse.jpg With the original DVDs of Serenity flying off the shelves, it only made sense to make a special collector’s edition DVD for Serenity fans dying for more. But will the extra dose of Serenity end there?

Perhaps not. In a Comic Con interview with Serenity’s writer/director Joss Whedon, Whedon gives a little glimmer of hope for a Serenity II. After being asked if there was hope of the second movie, Whedon said it really depended on the special edition DVD sales (with honesty, but also a truly great push for DVD sales) (Legel).

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Age of Love: Winner Takes All

mark-philippoussis1.jpg Age of Love – the experiment to discover if age mattered in love, didn’t do much more than prove how things usually work out for women in the U.S. Even if a woman in her 40s is super hot and has it all together, the younger guy is still going to pick the younger woman. This, of course is not always true, but I’m sure happens plenty often to all single women as they get older. Poor Jen just had to deal with it on TV.

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New TV shows on DVD this week

Dallas: The Complete Seventh Season
The Rhinemann Exchange: The Complete Miniseries
Hawaii Five-O: The Complete Second Season
The Archie Show: The Complete Series
Popeye: Volume One, 1933-1938
Space: 1999: The 30th Anniversary Edition
The Thunderbirds: The 40th Anniversary Edition

These are the titles I discussed this week for our DVD report on Talking Television with Dave White.

Ed Robertson

Age of Love: Truth be told…

With Mark‘s luck with the women in this week’s Age of Love, I’m surprised he ended up with any women left standing! All four women left seemed to be putting in their last ditch efforts to win over Mark using extremely revealing salsa outfits, sexed-up salsa dancing, and scandalous back rubs in dark rooms with plenty of whispering. Oh yeah, and tragically unimpressive high tea skills for the 21-year-old. Nice moves from all ladies.

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