Age of Love: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Mark was down to his final six women on this week’s Age of Love – three of which he’s been getting pretty serious connections with, one who keeps saying she’ll leave but then laughs it off at elimination and stays, and two he didn’t know at all. These two, Megan and Mary, finally got time with Mark on a trip to the beach for some surfing and fun in the sun.

Shockingly though, Mary didn’t get time alone with Mark! Who would’ve guessed. I don’t think he noticed it or he would’ve eliminated her sooner (though she finally was the one to go this time), but he had this habit of entirely ignoring anything she tried to say to him. While he listens intently to the other women, Mary would walk up and open her mouth and off he would go talking right over her and actually walking away to talk to another girl! Ouch. I guess that explains a little bit of her hurt feelings, but not quite all the crying.

She sure dug her claws in at elimination though- it would have actually been so much better (and more hilarious) if Maria had finally just said she was leaving (as she’d been saying she would because of her lack of connection with Mark). Mark was practically begging Maria to stay as she stood with him at elimination, meanwhile Mary was just standing there alone waiting to be let go. Just think if Maria had decided to leave after all of that and Mark would have had to scramble to sound like he’d like her to stay.

Mary was a brat to him when he did let her go, so I can only imagine how fantastic it would have been if she’d had to stand there as he pretended he was glad to get the chance to get to know her. Instead, she got to look him right in the face and tell him he was really missing out and he was going to really need some luck with these women he had left. Then she proceeded from her snotty hair-flip moment right to sobbing and hugging all of the girls. Way to entirely destroy any impact you might have made on him.

As for next week, it looks insanely juicy as all the women and Mark go camping! It sounds tame until you see the clips of women straddling Mark in front of the other women and see the shocked faces of the women as they discover in the morning one of the women spent the night in Mark’s tent– scandalous!!

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1 Response to “Age of Love: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary”

  1. 1 writnkitten July 18, 2007 at 3:28 pm

    mary is ca. ra. zee! i hope she gets some much-needed therapy after doing this show.

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