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Hell’s Kitchen: The (Over)Dramatic Conclusion!

30156878.jpg Despite my rush of hope for Bonnie with her performance last week, Rock came out as the winner of Season 3 Hell’s Kitchen! It would probably have been a little unfair for Bonnie to win when Rock has done such a great job and he has more training than her, so overall, Rock definitely deserved his win.

I felt so bad for Julia having to come back on the show to cook on Bonnie’s team for the final battle of dinner service, but I wasn’t thrilled to see that she couldn’t put her feelings aside at all during the competition. It would have been a lot better off for her if she just did what she had to do and then got off the show. Oh right, and on to her completely free culinary training Ramsay‘s paying for. Rough break on that one.

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Hell’s Kitchen: It’s On!

This week’s filler episode of Hell’s Kitchen had a good amount of drama, but mostly just more agonizing waiting for Rock and Bonnie, and most importantly, their fans!

The chefs got to set up their own style of restaurant after Ramsay split Hell’s Kitchen in two parts for them, but instead of getting to stick around for all that, they were taken off to Vegas for, surprise, surprise, another challenge. The highlight of this was getting to see all the top chefs of Vegas, including the two previous winners of Hell’s Kitchen, test Rock and Bonnie’s signature dishes that they were put on the spot to whip up.

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Hell’s Kitchen: I want my mommy!

Just like all quality reality shows including Survivor, The Bachelor, and, oh yeah, Flavor of Love and I Love New York, we got a great episode of crying adults on Hell’s Kitchen as the three finalists’ moms came to cheer them on. Well, in this case, it was actually to judge them. Before we met Jen, Bonnie, and Rock‘s moms, we met Mother Ramsay herself. Chef Ramsay still didn’t smile much, but got a sweet boyish look on his face as he introduced the most influential cook in his life, “aww,” indeed.

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Hell’s Kitchen: Free Ride down Ramsay Rainbow

ramsay.jpg While Josh hit the curb with a thud outside of Hell’s Kitchen, Julia got to slide out more gently, though still with plenty of disappointment, on a free ride to culinary school. That Ramsay has a bit of a soft underbelly after all. As he said himself as he offered Julia his very generous parting gift, he’s never done anything like it before, so clearly Julia made quite an impression. I’m sure she’ll get a little bit of favoritism at school with Papa Ramsay signing the checks.

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Hell’s Kitchen: Another Chef Bites the Dust

It’s hard to say if this week’s Hell’s Kitchen showed Jen‘s true colors or just her colors under pressure. She’s been friendly though a little uppity about her knowledge so far this season, but this week her annoyance with her teammates was at an all-time high. She was snapping at Bonnie, telling the team’s sous chef that she wasn’t there to make friends, and pushing all of Julia’s ideas off the table for their group menu. Luckily for Julia and the customers that night, Chef Ramsay told the red team to put Julia’s steak on the menu and it became their most popular item. One point more point for Julia!

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Hell’s Kitchen: Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble

Finally a quality flip-out by Rock! What’s a reality show without those crazy flip-out moments… especially one where someone is yelling in their faces constantly? I’m shocked there have not been more contestants freaking out, but I guess they really want to do well. Boring. Rock can flip out and do well: mission accomplished for him and reality TV.

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Newlyweds Go Straight to Hell(‘s Kitchen)

Clearly, the poor bride’s veil was too tight and cutting off the air to her brain. Having Hell’s Kitchen chefs cook for a wedding reception should have guaranteed a very quick change of classic song lyrics from, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to,” to “It’s my wedding and I’ll scream if I want to,” but shockingly, the bride and groom on this week’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen not only got to eat themselves, but their guests did too!

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