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The Movie Reel: Coming this Weekend

Take a look at the movies coming out this weekend that are, according to E! Online’s “Reel Girl,” a perfect fix of “highbrow” and “lowbrow” – a little something for everybody.

This weekend’s releases include Resident Evil: Extinction, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Into the Wild, Good Luck Chuck, The Jane Austen Book Club, and Sydney White.

Weekend Peep Show: Highbrow, Lowbrow


Sex and the City: The Movie Just Got Harry

0000030849_20060925070634.jpgSlowly but surely our favorite Sex and the City men are joining the cast for the 2008 film! Evan Handler, known as Harry Goldenblatt to fans, has joined Mr. Big, Chris Noth, (more) as man #2 coming back for more Sex and the City (Bruno).

Now we’ll await the good news hopefully to come that the adorably wonderful Steve and the notoriously hot (and sweet) Smith Jared will join the cast as well.

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Rainn Wilson becomes The Rocker!

office-still-10.jpg School of Rock meets Wayne’s World meets Sebastian Bach showing up on Gilmore Girls – but better. Why? Because this 2008 comedy film, The Rocker, stars The Office‘s Rainn Wilson, known so fondly as the uptight, power-hungry, super-nerd Dwight Schrute.

Wilson plays a crazy drummer who’s old bad cruelly ditched him, and when his teenage nephew’s band needs some serious talent, he decides to go for it. Wilson’s character, “Robert Fishman, aka Fish…is a former heavy-metal drummer ‘working menial jobs and having nowhere relationships,'” (Breznican). Sounds suspiciously like Sebastian Bach’s character on Gilmore Girls aka the old guy in a teenage band – a little washed up, but who still knows how to rock… kind of.

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