Rainn Wilson becomes The Rocker!

office-still-10.jpg School of Rock meets Wayne’s World meets Sebastian Bach showing up on Gilmore Girls – but better. Why? Because this 2008 comedy film, The Rocker, stars The Office‘s Rainn Wilson, known so fondly as the uptight, power-hungry, super-nerd Dwight Schrute.

Wilson plays a crazy drummer who’s old bad cruelly ditched him, and when his teenage nephew’s band needs some serious talent, he decides to go for it. Wilson’s character, “Robert Fishman, aka Fish…is a former heavy-metal drummer ‘working menial jobs and having nowhere relationships,'” (Breznican). Sounds suspiciously like Sebastian Bach’s character on Gilmore Girls aka the old guy in a teenage band – a little washed up, but who still knows how to rock… kind of.

And a bit like Jack Black in School of Rock with this description by Wilson in “First look: ‘Office’ star cuts loose in ‘The Rocker'”: “‘It’s not really his thing, but he recognizes the talent that the kids have, and he believes in the band,” Wilson says. “But he still tries to teach the kids the Bon Jovi rock lock, which is a very special handshake, and introduce them to Ozzy and AC/DC'” (Breznican).

The film also stars Christina Applegate as Wilson’s “muse,” and the mother of the band’s lead guitarist (Davis). This pairing should make for plenty of its own comedy as if Wilson playing an old loser in a teenage band’s not enough. Applegate has certainly proved well-fit for great comedies, so it should be interesting how she and Wilson mix.

Between the two of them, I’m sure the movie will have tons of original hilarious moments, plus other quality characters to make a hysterically enjoyable comedy to check out this spring!


Breznican, Anthony. “First look: ‘Office’ star cuts loose in ‘The Rocker.'” USA Today. 14 Aug 2007.

Davis, Erik. “Christina Applegate Is Rainn Wilson’s Muse in ‘Rocker.'” Cinematical. 12 Jun 2007.

Photo courtesy of PopEntertainment


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