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Talkin’ about the Gold Firebird on the Zookers Radio Program

Last week I was invited on The Zookers Radio Program, one of the latest additions to Blog Talk Radio. Hosts are Eric and Rob, also known as “the Greek gods of Internet radio,” and the subject was Thirty Years of The Rockford Files. It’s always fun to talk about Rockford, Jim Garner, and the Pontiac Firebird, especially with folks as knowledgeable as they are. It was a fun hour that went all too fast, but we’re talking about doing it again soon.

Here’s the link to our conversation:

Ed Robertson


British Cult TV with guest Robert Sellers… here on Share-a-Vision Radio

In case you missed it, our conversation with Robert Sellers, author of Cult TV: The Golden Age of ITC, is now available on the archives pages at Share-a-Vision Radio,  Check it out:

Ed Robertson

Some kind words about Thirty Years of the Rockford Files

My thanks to Matt Barry: