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Heroes’ Hayden and Milo Getting Cozier

I hate to be the gossip (okay, we all love it), but HeroesMilo and Hayden just need to stop denying it already and admit their love. There’s plenty of buzz both for and against them as a couple – mostly because he’s 30 and she’s 18, but couples who push the age gap are in these days in Hollywood, so why not.

They may have looked cozy at the Emmys as they sat close together, but they spent a little time getting even cozier on the dance floor at the official Emmys after-party!

Watch it now: Lovers Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia BUSTED!

The “secret lovers” will return to NBC on Heroes Monday, September 24th!

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Happy Heroes Couple?

293panettiereventimiglia.jpgIs there a happy couple lurking in the Heroes cast? Well, the rumor mills sure think so! Heroes stars Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia were both looking stunning at last night’s Emmys and perhaps looking a little smitten as well.

Now, let’s not jump to conclusions here, but Hayden did break up with her ex-Laguna Beach boyfriend, Stephen Coletti a mere few days ago, she and Milo were spotted going to lunch together in early September (dead giveaway, obviously).

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The Hills: Heidi Claims Lauren’s No Saint

heidi_montag2_180.jpgWith The Hills cover wars (more) on for October, I’m a little curious not only who will win this round between Lauren and Heidi, but even more so, what’s behind those covers? wanted to know too – and well, no real shocker, but Heidi’s up to no good saying that Lauren’s actually the one up to no good.

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Battle of The Hills

The press is having way more than a heyday with the Lauren-Heidi feud on The Hills. I doubt it was quite an accident that these two ladies are both October cover girls with Lauren on Seventeen and Heidi on Cosmo Girl ( Who’s gonna win this round??

Check out the cover photos on

The Hills’ Heidi Montag Wedding Dress Shopping!

heididress.jpgApparently there’s something about the phrase, “oh I’m not even thinking about that yet,” that The Hills‘ Heidi doesn’t quite get.

Since uttering those words with a pretty freaked out face to her coworker after she and her oh-so-lovable boyfriend, Spencer, and she got engaged, Heidi has apparently adjusted to the idea of marriage.

Heidi was spotted this past Friday (8/31) out happily shopping for wedding dresses at Beverly Hills’ L’Ezu Atelier Bridal Boutique (

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