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A New Take on Massage on Friends

Today I had a much-needed massage, and as my massage therapist was using “bongos” on my back, I couldn’t help but giggle and think of this Friends ep, in which Ross gives a questionable massage to an old man.

Clip courtesy of mussai2 on YouTube: Ross Gives a Massage.

Friends–Joey and His Hernia

I can so relate to this episode of Friends, The One Where Joey Loses His Health Insurance, especially since I’m the queen of clumsy and constantly put my doctor through his paces–let’s just say he earns his enormous salary dealing with me and my injuries alone!

Watch the whole episode here.

Friends–Ross and Sushi

Every time my husband and I go out to eat sushi, we always think of this ep, where Ross tries to teach Rachel and Phoebe a thing or two about “unagi.”

Link courtesy of pereirna1 at YouTube:
Ross and Unagi

Friends–These Boots Aren’t Made For Walking

Who among us hasn’t fallen prey to the pain of fashion at least once or twice? In this Friend’s clip, Monica is paying a hefty price…as is Chandler.

Clip courtesy of tigerved at You Tube:
Friends–Monica’s Boots

Friends: Ross + Leather Pants = Disaster

The first time I saw this ep, I laughed so hard I cried and could hardly breathe. Even now, I still crack up when I see it.

This clip is courtesy of Briguy17 at YouTube:
Ross + Leather Pants = Disaster

Ross and His New Apartment

Remember when Phoebe found out about Chandler and Monica? From season 5, this was, in my opinion, the best season ever.

Clip courtesy of CharmedAgain202 at YouTube:
Ross and His New Apartment

Joey and the Fridge on Friends

Joey, Joey, Joey….this might be one of the best Joey moments on Friends ever.  I like to call this “how not to round up the money to buy a new fridge.”

Thanks to CocoRinnie at YouTube for this clip:
Joey and the Fridge

Friends Don’t Let Friends Dance

Another brilliant ep of Friends, in which Ross and Monica exhibit their dancing “skills.”  Whoever choreographed this deserves some serious credit, because it takes dancing to a whole new level.

Thanks to alfzone at YouTube for the clip:
Friends Don’t Let Friends Dance

Friends: Ross and Joey Raise the Roof

An oldie but a goodie–Ross has put on a little “holiday weight,” scales down Joey and falls, but he finds a quarter, so all is well.

Clip courtesy of TommyG84 at
Ross and Joey Raise the Roof

Best of Friends: Ross & Couch

Over at, I’ll be posting clips from one of my all-time favorite TV shows, Friends, which offers enough fodder to keep me laughing for the rest of my life. In my household, not a day goes by that a line from Friends isn’t quoted. What can I say? We love our Friends.

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