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Cruel Intentions + The O.C. = Gossip Girl

One of CW’s new shows of the season, Gossip Girl, already has me hooked. A little bit The O.C., a lot Cruel Intentions, Gossip Girl has a lot going on.

With hints of dark drama, including date rape and suicide, Gossip Girl centers around fallen “It Girl” Serena, who disappears leaving her BFF Blair without a word, only to return a year later out of the blue.

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The CW’s New Shows: What’s Hot and What’s Not

E! Online’s “Watch with Kristin” has spoken. She’s told us what to watch and what to avoid of ABC’s New Shows, and now she’s ready to dish on the new shows coming to the CW including Reaper, Aliens in America, Gossip Girl, and Life is Wild:

Totally Tube Reviews: The CW

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Top 5 “Newbies” You’ll Love This Fall

E! Online’s Kristin Veitch has 5 TV “newbies” you are sure to love this fall! Check out the fresh faces she’s dishing about from Bionic Woman, Gossip Girl, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, and Reaper.

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