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Big Love Finale: One Big Happy Family

ep_24_08.jpgAs expected for a season finale, everything on Big Love‘s finale was falling to pieces. But then, oddly enough, everything came together in the end. So much for a cliffhanger. I’m totally satisfied with everyone being, well, satisfied, but I wasn’t left with the usual finale need to see more right now!

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Big Love: And We All Fall Down

ep_23_04.jpg For Big Love this week, it was a wedding and no funerals… for now. It looks as if Alby isn’t poisoning Roman, but giving him drugs to keep him asleep. But, as he told Nicki, Roman doesn’t have much longer. And her husband was involved in Roman getting shot. That’s a little strain on the marriage. Showing up to make a three-wife scene at Barb‘s mother’s wedding didn’t exactly reduce the strain either.

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Big Love: Et Tu, Alby?

Is it just me or is Alby killing Roman? Considering Alby’s a power-hungry phony, and the camera was focused in quite a foreboding way on Roman’s medicine drip for quite a while, I’m going to say it’s true. While Alby’s killing his father and taking over the compound, his dear sister Nicki is taking down the entire Henrickson ship which is also to the benefit of Alby’s take-over.

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Big Love: On Edge

biglove6.jpg Margie‘s realizing she does have power in the family, Nicki‘s realizing how fun gambling is, and Barb is realizing her family is changing against her will. The wives of Big Love are certainly more than just mothers and wives who share a husband: they are women struggling with their place in the world and with their own demons as well.

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Big Love: Triple the Wives, Triple the Lies

big_love_narrowweb__300x4000.jpg What man wouldn’t want to wake up to three women in robes standing over him? A man with three toe-tapping wives, that’s who. Though this week’s Big Love was packed full of scandal, drama, and even blood, the genius humor of the show was still shining through. Big Love does a great job of doing justice to the realities of what having three wives would really be like for a man, polygamist beliefs aside.

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Big Love: The Mother-Thief

1981_nicki175.jpgWhile it’s been clear since the beginning of Big Love that the Henricksons are hiding their family and ways from the community in general, the complications of dealing with it with the family they had before they entered this one has developed into quite a problem for all of the wives.

It seemed as if Nicki had it the easiest with her parents and family still living on the compound so not only accepting of her choice to be a polygamist, but they would have been been against her decision if she didn’t.

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Big Love: Flirting with Disaster

While the first season of Big Love pulled in viewers by creating such a loving and relatable family, so far season two has been an interesting combination of alienating viewers from the polygamist life of the characters as we realize how “odd” it is to us, and pulling viewers in even more as we feel defensive of our dear characters against the cruel world that doesn’t understand them.

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Big Love: Tasty Pies and Straying Eyes

Bill and his brother Joey seem to be far from two of a kind! While Bill has taken on three wives and is now eyeing a Serbian waitress (why exactly does he think she’d be into a guy with three wives?), Joey’s dragging his feet pretty hard about even considering a second wife. Then again, I guess when your mother commits your wife to a psychiatric hospital behind your back, you wouldn’t exactly be jumping to make her happy by getting together with the woman she’s pushing on you.

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Big Love: So Many Crimes, So Little Time

Things certainly have gotten more complicated on Big Love as its 2nd season has started out… not that things were exactly simple in Season 1. But now all of the consequences of all the dramatic actions taken in the 1st season are hitting hard.

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Talking Television archive: Sopranos series finale, plus other HBO favorites

The archive of the June 19 edition of “Talking Television with Dave White” is now available on In case you missed it, Frankie and I discussed the controversial ending of The Sopranos with HBO programming executive Andrew Goldman and TV historian David Krell. We also riffed on such HBO faves as Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex and the City, The Wire, Big Love, Arli$$ and The Larry Sanders Show, as well as touched on some of the new (John from Cincinnati, Flight of the Conchords) and upcoming (Tell Me That You Love Me, In Treatment) shows on the HBO horizon. Check out the archive and let us know what you think.

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