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Some Answers, More Questions on Prison Break

This week on Prison Break there were a few answers and some huge questions.

1. Whistler is out of hiding, cleared by “the mayor” and under Michael’s watchful eye
2. T-Bag is still a scum, and Bellick is a close second
3. Maricruz is fine and dandy, and Sucre is not going to see her
4. Alex is desperate and willing to do anything
5. Versailles is a bank, and that note was info on a bank account
6. Michael is channeling McGuyver in prison (once again)

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iTunes offers Free TV downloads!

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Back to Bustin’ Out on Prison Break

The new season of Prison Break‘s wild ride took off to an adrenaline-laced start this week with Michael back behind bars, this time without his brother Linc.

In a role reversal, it’s Michael on the inside and Linc on the outside this go around, but Michael does have a few familiar faces to look to, including the always scary T-Bag, the creepy crawly Bellick, and the in over his head Mahone.

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