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Top Chef: Battle of the Hung

tc_312_07.jpgIt’s really down to the wire on Top Chef as the final five were cut down to four. Now it’s goodbye New York, hello exotic finale spot, Aspen. While I miss a few of the endearing contestants already cut, I’ve definitely been impressed by Casey in the last few episodes.

Unfortunately, Hung has also been doing very well. At this point, my stab at the final two this season are these two of good and evil, aka Casey and Hung.

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Top Chef’s Bad Taste in Men!

topchef_311_29.jpgSometimes friends have to be honest and tell friends that they have bad taste in men so hopefully someday they can make better choices. So, to my friends at Top Chef: stop dumping the good guys!

There’s only so much we can take without being jaded. In the first season, Top Chef had good taste by truly saving the best for last (actually first) with Harold as the winner. But then second season, something went terribly wrong. Just like silly high school girls, the judges (and Bravo) went for the thrill of the drama in their final picks.

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Top Chef: The man, the bulldog, the legend.

tc_310_23.jpgTop Chef always has plenty of surprises in store for us – and the surprise last night? To do the predictable: get rid of Howie when he asked to be sent home. Surprisingly, surprising.

I really thought that Howie was going to be out of the running to be cut because he said he wanted to go for the sake of saving Brian and because he wasn’t proud of his work. Apparently the judges were just trying to keep us guessing as usual.

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Top Chef’s Steamy Sam!

topchef_cast_51.jpgIs it even a question as to the steamiest, hottest Top Chef contestant ever? Yes, ladies, it can’t be denied. Unless you have terrible taste, you know Season 2’s Sam Talbot was the reason you forgot the show was about the cooking. Though of course he’s an amazing chef too. It looks like Sam’s ready to exploit his hotness for the sake of charity. Wow, he just keeps getting better.

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Top Chefs Served Madonna Surprise!

tc_309_10.jpgSurprise! That jerk you served was Madonna’s brother! And surprised the chefs were on Top Chef last night. Dale was especially not pleased to hear the guy who’d been giving him grief wasn’t just an ordinary customer. This realization of hidden VIPs led Dale and his team to come up with their motto of treating every customer during the Restaurant Wars challenge like a VIP. This was definitely a wise choice since it all led to their win of the challenge with a little help from their prize from winner the quick fire, season 1’s Stephen.

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Dinner with Top Chef’s Mikey

dscf0592.jpg Top Chef fans have probably been checking up on their favorite chefs, but if you haven’t caught up with Season 2’s Mikey, he has plenty on his plate these days including his own catering business. I got to check it out for myself this weekend for a surprise birthday dinner for a huge Top Chef fan who was of course thrilled to see Mike show up at our door!

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Top Chef: Chefs Think Night Clubs are for Fun

topchef_ep307_13.jpg The poor Top Chefers… in this last episode, they actually believed the judges were going to let them go out to the Miami nightclubs and have a good time. What a shocker (some of them were actually surprised), when their limo rolled up to the night club, and there was Padma. And two catering trucks set up for a late night cooking challenge.

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Top Chef: Out with a bang or a whimper?

It seems as if the Top Chef producers are struggling with deciding if Hung is the kind of annoying and cocky like Marcel (Season 2) that’s totally entertaining, or if Hung’s just cocky and annoying. It seems like the judges are no longer impressed with him, but yet there were plenty of judges table moments where they discussed Marcel’s annoying foam with EVERY dish and his just plain cockiness that didn’t have enough skill behind it to validate it at all… but then he ended up in the final two.

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Top Chef Reunion: Hot and Bothered

padma_lakshmi_top_chef.jpg Top Chef took a little break from the Season 3 kitchen drama this week to have a hodgepodge reunion of various contestants from Seasons 1 and 2 as well as those voted off so far on Season 3. Overall, it was pretty much an ode to host Padma‘s hotness, some behind the scenes dirt on the contestants, a few updates about where they are now, and a couple of odd questions from viewers to stir up more drama.

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Top Chef: A Little Friendly Competition


It seemed as if when Howie and Joey settled their differences and became friends, they’d be boring, but that’s not the case! They’re now bosom buddies who can do nothing but love each other and praise each other’s food – man-love friendships are almost as good as watching a couple of guys who love food yell about it!

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