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Famous Finales

Those who follow TV history know that next month marks the 40th anniversary of the “The Judgment,” the famous two-part final episode of The Fugitive (ABC, 1963-1967) in which Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen) finally cleared his name after four long years on the run from an unjust murder conviction. The finale originally aired on August 22 and 29, 1967; Part 2 attracted a phenomenal 72 percent share of the total U.S. television audience that night, a figure that has been topped only on two occasions since: the “Who Done It?” episode of Dallas of November 21, 1980, which answered the question “Who Shot J.R.?”, and the final episode of “M*A*S*H”  (the most-watched series episode of all time), which aired on February 28, 1983. 

The Fugitive finale not only remains one of the most highly watched single episodes of a TV series ever, it marked the very first time a television series went out on its own terms with a definitive final episode. 

This week on Talking Television with Dave White, Frankie Montiforte and I will pay tribute to the final episode of The Fugitive, as well as other famous series finales, from the heartwarming final episodes of M*A*S*H and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, to the surprise ending of Newhart, to the controversial endings of St. Elsewhere and The Sopranos, and a whole lot more.

We all have our favorite final episodes. Which series finale was your favorite? Let us know. Join us for our webcast this Tuesday, July 24 beginning at 10:30 pm ET, 7:30 pm PT on Share-a-Vision Radio,  

Ed Robertson


Talking Television archive: Sopranos series finale, plus other HBO favorites

The archive of the June 19 edition of “Talking Television with Dave White” is now available on In case you missed it, Frankie and I discussed the controversial ending of The Sopranos with HBO programming executive Andrew Goldman and TV historian David Krell. We also riffed on such HBO faves as Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex and the City, The Wire, Big Love, Arli$$ and The Larry Sanders Show, as well as touched on some of the new (John from Cincinnati, Flight of the Conchords) and upcoming (Tell Me That You Love Me, In Treatment) shows on the HBO horizon. Check out the archive and let us know what you think.

Ed Robertson

Lost Finale

Lost didn’t disappoint with this season’s finale!

The shock that Ben wasn’t lying for once when he said Naomi wasn’t from Penny’s boat was almost overtaken by the fact that when someone came through on the screen in front of Charlie that it was Penny herself! Of course they had to make the moment as heartbreaking and as chalk-full of cliffhangers as possible by not only not allowing Desmond to talk to Penny, but to have Charlie dying while telling Desmond about Naomi… right as Jack makes contact with that very boat back on the island!

The utter heartbreak of Charlie sacrificing himself to do what he thought would save his friends was far from forgotten especially for those who’ve been hopeful Charlie could somehow survive after all of Desmond’s flashes of his death.

Maybe next season will reveal Charlie actually made it out alive, but with the track record of Lost taking out main characters, I can sadly say he probably doesn’t have much of a chance.

And the final shock after all of this: Jack’s flashbacks are nothing of the sort, but instead are flashes of the future after getting off the island! Which they weren’t meant to do…

*Check out SideReel‘s Lost Theories and add some of your own!

The Office Finale

It was sad indeed to see The Office end for the season. What will we do for chuckles and side-splitting laughs on Thursday nights??

‘The Job’ not only had a surprise in for us about who got the job, but a little something for Jim and Pam fans as well. After the disaster of Jan making a scene about getting fired (who was supposed to be newly confident and happy because of her boob job), and Michael so kindly pulling his name out of the running so he wouldn’t be taking his girlfriend’s job, I thought for sure it’d be Karen who got the NY job.

But that would just be too simple with Jim‘s epiphany that he loves Scranton… and by Scranton I mean Pam! Now the question is if Jim told Karen he was abandoning her in New York to go ask out Pam. Hopefully he remembered to break up with her first, but I guess we’ll find out the details next season!

As for the job, I’m sure Ryan will have the time of his life being Michael’s boss! What a great end to the season to have Michael left in an entirely black office, Ryan movin’ on up, and Jim and Pam going out on a date. Oh. And Dwight probably crying himself to sleep for a while. Until next time, Scranton.

Grey’s Anatomy Finale

It felt as if in the finale of Grey’s Anatomy that not much happened. Mostly it was concluding storylines that needed to be taken care of and creating a few cliffhangers. I suppose that’s the job of a finale, but usually Grey’s has a little more in store.

I thought Burke and Cristina might actually go through with the wedding, but with Burke leaving, it looks like it’s been made pretty easy for Isaiah Washington to leave the show. Cristina’s exclamation of being free was heartbreaking yet still freeing. It seemed as if she really regretted losing him and realized that too late, but at the same time did want the freedom.

This is probably similarly to the way Meredith will feel about breaking up with Derek, though if they both stay at Seattle Grace next season plus Lexie Grey, I really hope they don’t create a relationship between Derek and Lexie now after she hit on him at Joe’s.

I hope George comes back to the show and has a change of heart about redoing his internship year. It’ll be neat if they get the new interns on the show, as it seems to be the plan since they were shown, and keep most of the cast on as well. There’s still plenty more drama to be had with these characters, so I hope it can continue and be just as great as the 3 season-long year we’ve seen so far!

Heroes: Finale

On the Heroes Season Finale, Hiro fulfilled his destiny to stab Sylar, but is Sylar really dead? It seemed that he was, but then the bloodstain of his body leading into the sewer told us otherwise.

Is there some greater evil that had taken over Sylar’s body that slipped off to recreate itself? Why then did Sylar’s entire body disappear? Maybe Hiro’s next move will be to create an army of Sewer Ninjas to get the evil blob in there!

Our heroes have certainly have more left to save the world from next season, but first it seems Hiro has some things to learn about the origins of the battle… here comes the new Heroes’ show for next season– Heroes: Origins!!

The Bachelor: Finale

It was down to the wire on the season finale of The Bachelor! Andy Baldwin seemed to truly like both Bevin and Tessa, though I was surprised these two were the final two. He kept talking from the beginning about the electric physical connection with Bevin and the lack of reassurance he was getting from Tessa that she wanted to be there. The other women, like Amber and Danielle in the final four, really cared about Andy and at least Danielle had a better connection with Andy on all levels than the final two seemed to have.

It was surprising hearing Andy tell both women he loved them on their final dates! How the love flows on The Bachelor even for those who continually tell us about how seriously they take love and marriage.

Unfortunately, there will not be the ‘Women Tell All’ follow-up episode, so we’ll have to be resigned to online gossip to find out the scoop on if Andy and Tessa are really getting married!

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