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Hayden’s Musical Debut

hayden-panettiere.jpgShe’s got milk (more), a starring role on the hugely popular series Heroes, a couple movies under her belt, and she’s even been Punk’d. But what is this starlet, Miss Hayden Panettiere, missing in her life? Why, a music career of course!

Check out Hayden’s “You’re New Girlfriend” now!

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Jayma Mays Pops Up on Pushing Daisies

3371708135.jpgJayma Mays has already made a splash last season on Ugly Betty as Henry’s (surprise) girlfriend, and on Heroes as Hiro‘s dear Charlie. Now she’ll be popping up again on ABC’s new show, Pushing Daisies this fall!

Mays will be making a guest appearance on Pushing Daisies as Elsita, a woman who works and lives in a windmill (Kristin). While this seems like a rather odd role, it’ll probably fit right as Pushing Daisies promises to be a wonderfully quirky show.

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Hiro’s Hero: Watch the Takezo Kensei Legend

archive_photo11.jpgHeroes fans, I hate to break the news to you, but someone has to. It’s still August. Heroes’ return date of September 24th is coming very slowly. But there’s a bright side to every bit of bad news.

This time, it’s that we get a super mini-series that will be shown online, Sword Saint, tells the stories of Takezo Kensei, Hiro‘s idol and childhood bedtime stories. This short Web series will be in five parts of three to four minutes each and narrated by John Rhys-Davies (from Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones) on (Logan).

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Hyden’s ‘Got Milk’

hayden_panettiere.jpgHeroesHayden Panettiere may have just turned 18, but though she joked about how she could buy cigarettes and porn on Letterman (more), she’s keeping her head on straight about what really does a body good: “three glasses of low-fat or fat-free milk a day,” milk mustaches, and lots of money for doing a milk ad (Fleeman). Panettiere’s milk ad features her in a red dress smashing a glass of milk with her super-human hero powers which is meant to be credited to her milk drinking.

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Heroes Season 1 on DVD

41xbhr0tml_aa240_.jpgThe Heroes Season 1 DVD will be released on Tuesday, August 28th! You can watch the heroes in their quest to “save the cheerleader, save the world” all over again or for the first time before the new season begins on September 24th.

Pre-order now on Amazon:

Heroes Season 1 DVD
Heroes Season 1 HD DVD

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Heroes World Tour


The Heroes are taking off on a trip around the world… though flying by plane instead of Petrelli-style. With the message of Heroes being that the world is a “‘completely interconnected place,'” the tour fits perfectly with the Heroes’ theme (Serpe). The Heroes World Tour will send the cast (in groups of four) to Asia, Europe, and North America (Serpe).

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Heroes’ Hayden Panettiere on Letterman

hayden-panettiere-heroes-thumb2.jpgHeroes‘ star Hayden Panettiere appeared on Late Night with David Letterman Monday night (8/20). She chats with Letterman about pressing issues from the importance of voting, to her upcoming 18th birthday, to lice and her time on Guiding Light.

Check it now on SideReel:

Hayden Panettiere on Letterman

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