Jayma Mays Pops Up on Pushing Daisies

3371708135.jpgJayma Mays has already made a splash last season on Ugly Betty as Henry’s (surprise) girlfriend, and on Heroes as Hiro‘s dear Charlie. Now she’ll be popping up again on ABC’s new show, Pushing Daisies this fall!

Mays will be making a guest appearance on Pushing Daisies as Elsita, a woman who works and lives in a windmill (Kristin). While this seems like a rather odd role, it’ll probably fit right as Pushing Daisies promises to be a wonderfully quirky show.

This appearance may mean Mays will not be showing up on Ugly Betty again. According to “Watch With Kristin” on E! Online, the timing of production for this Pushing Daisies appearance will make it difficult, or maybe impossible, for Mays to be on Ugly Betty. Considering the end of Ugly Betty, though, where Mays’ character discovered she was pregnant and left New York (aka the world of Ugly Betty), I wouldn’t be surprised if her character is all done.

Pushing Daisies premieres on ABC on Wednesday, October 3rd at 8/7c.


Veitch, Kristin. “Breaking! Betty/Heroes Honey Joins Pushing Daisies.” Watch With Kristin. E! Online. 31 Aug 2007.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Movies


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