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From Selling Green to Army Greens

Track Guide: “Under the Blacklight” – Rilo Kiley; “The Moneymaker” – Rilo Kiley

At first, the special “green” Nancy Botwin sold was weed for the “green” of the suburban families living in Agrestic on their special “green” lawns. But now Weeds has changed focus to a different type of green: army greens. Continue reading ‘From Selling Green to Army Greens’

Things Are Going to Pot on Weeds

This week’s episode of Weeds, aptly titled “Sh*t Highway,” was full of it.

But before I get going on that, I have to address one of Showtime’s other shows, Californication. Which I have stopped watching. Which I hardly ever do (give up so soon, that is).

I just couldn’t stand the bad acting, selfish characters and gratuitous for the sake of being gratuitous storyline(s). So, as they say on Laguna Beach   Newport Harbor, I’m dunzo (with Californication, that is).

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Everybody Needs the Green Stuff on Weeds

Apparently pot isn’t the only thing in short commodity on Weeds. The bubble burst in Agrestic, and now there are a lot of upper middle class people in need of money.

There’s Nancy, who wouldn’t be in the mess she is now if she didn’t feel the need to deal pot to keep up appearances and her lush lifestyle.

As U-Turn told her, “Get a f—–g job!”

Really, what happened to a honest day’s pay for honest work?

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Pot Floats on Weeds

Weeds put the party in pool party this week, with Celia taking a high and mighty “I’m trying to help you” approach to Nancy’s business and throwing a whole crop in the water.

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Smokin’ Weeds Kicks Off Season 3

Nancy on Weeds

My favorite pot-dealing suburban mom, Nancy of Agrestic, is back with Showtime’s Weeds.

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