Things Are Going to Pot on Weeds

This week’s episode of Weeds, aptly titled “Sh*t Highway,” was full of it.

But before I get going on that, I have to address one of Showtime’s other shows, Californication. Which I have stopped watching. Which I hardly ever do (give up so soon, that is).

I just couldn’t stand the bad acting, selfish characters and gratuitous for the sake of being gratuitous storyline(s). So, as they say on Laguna Beach   Newport Harbor, I’m dunzo (with Californication, that is).

So this week on Weeds, dead Peter’s FBI partner stopped by to ask Nancy some questions. Apparently the guy has an acid reflux problem, but once he finds out what happend to his partner, me thinks his problems will get much greater.

Nice part Matthew Modine plays as a sleazy real estate developer and Nancy’s new boss.

That’s right, Nancy got off her ass and got a j-o-b. Which made her youngest son very proud.

Meanwhile Andy is in the midst of some crazy military goings on, but I’m just glad that next week he’ll be AWOL and back in Agrestic where he belongs.

Then there’s Silas doing his Mom’s dirty work while he does dirty work. Selling pot while you’re doing comunity service–what will those crazy kids think up next?

I can’t wait to find out…


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