Pot Floats on Weeds

Weeds put the party in pool party this week, with Celia taking a high and mighty “I’m trying to help you” approach to Nancy’s business and throwing a whole crop in the water.

While Conrad was being held at gun point by U-Turn, Marvin was tasked with watching over Nancy as she fritted about town trying desperately to find some pot to piss in negotiate with. (For the record, I’m really getting tired of her doe-eyed “who me” response to every situation she gets herself in to.)

And here’s what I’m sure every Agrestic housekeeper wants to hear from their employer: “What do you think is best for drying pot that’s been in the swimming pool?” The choices were: oven, clothes dryer and hair dryer, none of which worked.

Poor Andy, who while still out trying to track down Shane was mistaken for a child-napping pervert (due to the Amber Alert he issued on the van).

When he stopped for gas and snacks, a few good citizens who had seen the Amber Alert, and were suspicious of Andy’s beverage of choice, decided to take matters into their own hands.

When they asked him about his purchase, Andy said, “I like chocolate milk…I’m re-juvenile.”

He told them to call the police to see that in fact the Amber Alert had been called off, but they were having none of it. “After we kick your pervert ass we’ll do that.” His response: “My who?”

Then there’s Shane, who was brought to the police station after being pulled over for “driving too slow, and being 12.”

It seems that now U-Turn is calling the shots, and Nancy has no pot, to piss in or otherwise.


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