Everybody Needs the Green Stuff on Weeds

Apparently pot isn’t the only thing in short commodity on Weeds. The bubble burst in Agrestic, and now there are a lot of upper middle class people in need of money.

There’s Nancy, who wouldn’t be in the mess she is now if she didn’t feel the need to deal pot to keep up appearances and her lush lifestyle.

As U-Turn told her, “Get a f—–g job!”

Really, what happened to a honest day’s pay for honest work?

Now Nancy’s answer is to sell her house, not get a legit job.

And Celia is busy trying to steamroll her husband, with Carrie Fisher playing her divorce attorney–but boy did that backfire. Not that I have much sympathy, because Celia went from kick-ass cancer survivor to boozy, high and mighty hotel dweller.

Poor Andy may really be in trouble this time, as even the fact that he can’t walk in lockstep and only has eight toes isn’t keeping him from being in the Army now.

Oh well, maybe Nancy can make money as a pool table dancer, since her “brick dance” seemed to go over well with the drug dealers she encountered while out doing U-Turn’s bidding.


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