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“Californication” Works It Out

Track Guide: “I’m Over It” – Vaughan Penn

If you ever wanted an ab work out but don’t trust those Ab Rollers, Ab Crunchers, or anything that starts with “Ab” I have a new suggestion – Watch Californication!

For 30 minutes straight (well about 15 minutes this week but there is a reason for that) you will be laughing. And as we all know, laughing strengthens ab muscles! Problem solved! Continue reading ‘“Californication” Works It Out’


Californication: Up for Season 2

031607duchovny.jpgShowtime is picking up Californication for a second season! The first season of the new series has been a big success with the premiere episode bringing in 550,000 viewers, and the episodes continuing to improve as the following three went up by an “average of 18 percent” (Zap2it). It looks like Californication has proved to have more to it than the sweet spot of airing after Showtime’s hit, Weeds.

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Californication Brings New Meaning to “Lap Dance”

Can I just say that Hank is a mess? He’s scragly, dirty and pathetic. I really do not see the attraction any of his conquests have for him. His one-night-stand credo is “a morning of awkwardness is better than a night of loneliness.” And oh, does he get the ladies.

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All Isn’t Sunny on Showtime’s Californication

Before I get to the nitty gritty of Showtime’s new show, Californication, I must address the fact the a few years back, I caught another show with very much the same premise, Out of Order.

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