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Sex and the City: The Movie Just Got Harry

0000030849_20060925070634.jpgSlowly but surely our favorite Sex and the City men are joining the cast for the 2008 film! Evan Handler, known as Harry Goldenblatt to fans, has joined Mr. Big, Chris Noth, (more) as man #2 coming back for more Sex and the City (Bruno).

Now we’ll await the good news hopefully to come that the adorably wonderful Steve and the notoriously hot (and sweet) Smith Jared will join the cast as well.

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Jennifer Hudson’s Up for some Sex and the City

hudsonjennifer.jpgWhile the leading men of Sex and the City have yet to all proclaim their appearances for the upcoming film, another lady is thrilled to join the fearsome foursome on the big screen – Dreamgirls‘ Jennifer Hudson!

Hudson will be joining the cast of Sex and the City: The Movie as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant (Serpe). Yes, that’s right. Our lovable, successful columnist turned book author suddenly (okay, four years after the end of the series) needs an assistant! What exactly could she be doing where she could possibly need an assistant? Well, we’re certainly not meant to know until the movie itself reveals it.

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Big is Back for More Sex and the City

noth.jpgAfter the confirmation that all four Sex and the City ladies were on board for the upcoming film, the first question that came to mind (besides will the movie be horrible and ruin all that was amazing about the series) is which of the leading ladies’ men will make a reappearance as well? And so far the answer is Big!

Chris Noth as Mr. Big, that is – who was the biggest question of all since the most leading of the leading ladies finally got together with her on-again-off-again Big man (Serpe). Now the question is just what will happen for these two?

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Sex and the City’s Coming to the Big Screen!

Three years after the series finale, the ladies of Sex and the City will be reunited for the movie! It had looked like a lost cause back when the HBO series ended in 2004 with one of the fearsome foursome, Kim Cattrall, not on board for the movie. It was rumored in the last few seasons of the show that the stars got along very well with each other except for Kim Cattrall.

images.jpgWhile this may or may not have had something to do with the complications of getting the movie going, money certainly did: “In 2005, when the other three actresses were all locked in to the project, Cattrall reportedly held out for a payday on par with Parker’s, whose salary was greater than her costars due to her added role as executive producer” (Serpe). Cattrall claimed in June 2007 that she had thought they would do the movie without her, so she didn’t feel she’d be holding back the entire production (Miller).

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