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Brad Dishes about The Bachelor

Though we haven’t seen more than a couple of photos and tantalizing previews of this season’s The Bachelor, Brad Womack, the sexy bachelor himself, already knows how it turns out – and he seems very happy about it. Check out all he has to say on

Brad Womack talks about his “happy” ‘The Bachelor’ experience

Watch The Bachelor’s 2-hour premiere on ABC Monday, September 24th!


The Bachelorettes Revealed

brad_womack.jpgABC’s sexy new McSteamy, Brad Womack, certainly has a lot in store for him on this season’s The Bachelor! The bachelorettes who’ll be fighting for Brad’s attention and heart have been revealed… and they’ve all got a case of the TMI’s (too much information).

Usually the first night when the ladies meet the bachelor, they all get a little catty right at the get-go trying to steal him away for a moment alone hoping he’ll actually remember her and not sack her the first night. But this season, Brad’s in for a little more than pretty women in pretty dresses pulling at his arms.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 on DVD

51kxoh1p23l_aa240_.jpgThe TV DVDs are popping out like crazy with the new seasons starting up very soon! Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 comes out on DVD tomorrow, Tuesday September 11th.

Get your Grey’s fix and pre-order now on Amazon:

Season 3 on DVD

Season 4 begins on ABC Thursday, September 27th!

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The Bachelor Proves to be Dreamy and Steamy

imgservlet.png Thanks to TVGuide and ABC, our doubts about the new bachelor’s hotness can be put to rest. Looks like the ladies are going to be in for a real Texan heart throb this season! ABC’s new man for The Bachelor, Brad Womack, is certainly deserving of his title “The Bachelor’s own McSteamy.”

McBachelor perhaps? Maybe something more creative will come along as we get to know this bar-owning Texan. Looks like ABC has created a little competition for it’s own Grey’s Anatomy hotties. Well, I know where I’m going to be on September 24th.

For more the bachelor: Look Out McSteamy, ABC’s New Bachelor Is Here!

Photo courtesy of TVGuide

Look Out McSteamy, ABC’s New Bachelor Is Here!

200px-ericdanemcsteamy.jpg That’s right, ladies, ABC’s new Bachelor is here! For all those single ladies who are tired of going out to bars and getting nowhere with the same old bar guys, here’s something new for you: a guy who owns four bars! How refreshing. At least he co-owns them instead of just being the idiot getting kicked out of them.

And it’s been claimed that he’s super hot… and we’re not talking after a couple beers he’s hot, we’re talking Grey’s Anatomy McSteamy hot (as you can see is pretty serious in this photo of Grey’s character McSteamy/Mark Sloan). Apparently, Brad’s been dubbed as “‘The Bachelor’s own McSteamy'” (Mitovich).

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Isaiah Washington Joins NBC’s Bionic Woman

Isaiah Washington doesn’t waste any time. He hasn’t taken his “shunning” from ABC and from many in the public as a sign to disappear for a little while, but just to switch networks. He’ll be guest starring on NBC’s Bionic Woman this fall- hopefully he doesn’t have any issues with powerful females with robot parts. Personally I’d find that more threatening than a gay man on set, but that’s just me.

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The Bachelor: After the Final Rose

Though there was no ‘The Women Tell All’ episode to follow up on Season 10 of The Bachelor, on Tuesday, 5/22, The Bachelor: After the Final Rose aired. The difference between this episode and ‘The Women Tell All’ was that not all of the bachelorettes were on the show, but just the final four plus Stephanie T., one of the more memorable bachelorettes of the season.

After the rejected woman of the final two, Bevin, had to talk with Andy for the first time after their ‘break-up,’ and she got teary all over again, out came his fiancĂ©, Tessa, to joyfully reunite with Andy. Poor Bevin.

The Bachelor is as happy as can be being engaged to Tessa and they have made plans for her to move to Hawaii to be with him. There are no wedding plans just yet since Tessa likes to move more slowly than this show allowed them to. So, they plan to live together and enjoy their relationship in the real world for a while before diving into marriage, kids, and the whole deal.

Perhaps this will be one of The Bachelor couples that actually make it!

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