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Virgin Witch Hunt on Newport Harbor

This week on Newport Harbor: The Real O.C., Chrissy was busy defending her virginity while Clay was busy evading questions of his non-virginity.

Yes, there was also Chase-Allie-Taylor love triangle drama, but really who cares about that? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–girls, you’re really fighting over that pipsqueak? Really?

Chrissy finally broke (no pun intended, honest!) her virginity news to Clay, and I swear I saw a relieved expression cross his face. 

They really are an adorable, sweet couple. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them, and let’s hope Chrissy keeps on keeping her legs crossed around Clay.

Newport Harbor is Promtastic

Before I get to this week’s Newport Harbor: The Real O.C. on MTV, I have to get on my soap box.

I grew up in Sacramento, Calif., albeit not the most glamorous city, but the capitol of California nonetheless.

I went to a school attended by mostly upper-middle-class kids (something little old lower-class me had a hard time assimiliating with).

I went to my Junior and Senior proms, the former with a guy from a different school, and the latter with a guy who graduated the year before me and who looked dead on like this (it was the late 80s, people, so give me a break!).

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Newport Harbor: Too Tame for MTV?

I have come to the conclusion that Newport Harbor: The Real O.C. is very boring.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

After all, I just watched Normal Adolescent Behavior on Lifetime Television this week, and damn if that movie did not make me want to go back to high school and do it right this time (no pun intended). All I did was study in high school, and apparently I missed out on A LOT.

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Who’s Playing Who on Newport Harbor?

I’m just going to throw this out there because I feel it needs to be said. I think Clay is a virgin. And Chrissy is destined to be a virgin forever at the rate she’s going. But I digress…

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There’s Something About “Daddy” on Newport Harbor

Seriously, what is it with these girls and their weirdly-overprotective “daddies” on MTV shows?

First it was Jessica Simpson, who has a very “close” relationship with her dad, and now it’s Chrissy on Newport Harbor: The Real O.C.

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New Location, Same Drama on MTV’s Newport Harbor: The Real O.C.

Newport Harbor hottiesThe venue may have changed this season on MTV’s Laguna Beach Newport Harbor: The Real O.C., but the players are mostly still the same.

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