From Selling Green to Army Greens

Track Guide: “Under the Blacklight” – Rilo Kiley; “The Moneymaker” – Rilo Kiley

At first, the special “green” Nancy Botwin sold was weed for the “green” of the suburban families living in Agrestic on their special “green” lawns. But now Weeds has changed focus to a different type of green: army greens.

Andy Botwin, now Bill SussmanRecently, Weeds has delved into the political realm and that new change is definitely not for the better. As Andy Botwin (left) goes to the Army reserves, the show follows. And so does the show’s satire, sarcasm, and now, political discourse. Weeds is not the first show to jump onto the political bandwagon. Others have jumped on it too, more notably ABC’s hit Brothers and Sisters in which the characters clearly place where they stand on the political spectrum and on the current war in Iraq.

But what is so vastly different about Weeds is the utter surprise of political implementation. With “Red, White, and Blue,” the political talk show on Bros and Sis, one can only hope that some topics would be political on the show. But for Weeds, it came out of the blue. Er…red…maybe white? Just like Rodriguez’s rocket…thing. Either way the satire has always been thick in Weeds. But it now has definitely switched from suburbia to the army.

And now the green is beginning to fade. Although the episode was a small step up from the dismal showing last week, Weeds has lost some of its initial charm. I guess there’s only so much you can make fun of in suburban-land before you branch off into gangsters and the army. Or so it seems. Andy Botwin, or now “Bill Sussman,” notes that he likes the “new you,” referring to Nancy’s new neurotic ways. I’m not sure I do.

Beyond the change from suburban focus, there are problems in the overall plot of Weeds. When did U-Turn start liking Nancy? Since when were they buddies? Do we not remember that he pointed a gun at her and had Peter killed? Why is heroin such a surprise when the earlier pick-up/brick dance was supposed to be for heroin?

Clearly we have SO much to look forward to next week as one of the Olson twins guest stars.


(Just a quick note about the music at the beginning of every Weeds episode-
If you haven’t paid attention to it before, here’s the rundown: Each week a new band or artist covers Malvina Reynold’s “Little Boxes.” The song itself is a complete satire on suburban life. The idea is pure genius and introduces a whole new way of doing opening credits! I just hope they release all the version of Little Boxes in a Little Box Set…)

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