Heroes World Tour


The Heroes are taking off on a trip around the world… though flying by plane instead of Petrelli-style. With the message of Heroes being that the world is a “‘completely interconnected place,'” the tour fits perfectly with the Heroes’ theme (Serpe). The Heroes World Tour will send the cast (in groups of four) to Asia, Europe, and North America (Serpe).

The tour is not only to promote the show and its message, but to help out the earth as well:

“NBC is touting the worldwide rendezvous as a carbon-neutral tour and has already announced plans to offset the hefty emissions the round-the-globe plane rides will cause by aiming to plant 188 trees in a Texas wildlife refuge to offset their carbon footprint. The tour is also donating green to the green cause, with 10 percent of the proceeds from merchandise sold at the Aug. 28 NYC signing to The Conservation Fund” (Serpe).

Looks like our heroes are out to save the world in both fiction and reality. Doesn’t it just make you love them even more?

So, if you’re a lucky fan living nearby their stops, maybe you’ll get a glimpse of your favorite heroes. If not, check out the NBC website daily for updates on where the cast has been and where they’re headed which will include videos along the way.

If you need more Heroes, the Season 1 DVD (including an HD version) will be released on August 28th, and the new season premieres September 24th.

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Serpe, Gina. “Heroes Hits the Road.” E! News Online. 22 Aug 2007.

Photo courtesy of SeenON! Auction


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