Heroes: Who won’t you be seeing in Season 2?

0000035201_20061021061606.jpg On the Heroes front, we’ll be seeing almost the entire cast back for the second season of NBC’s greatly successful series. The hero you won’t be seeing return, though, is D.L., played by Leonard Roberts. As Heroes fans will recall, D.L. was shot and not looking so hot in the season finale, though it wasn’t confirmed that he actually died as his loving but very busy wife had to leave him in a hallway to bleed while she went off to fight some evil.

The typical storylines can really wear you out on this show. While D.L. seemed indestructible, it looks like that blood was certainly real as well as the possibility of him dying. Roberts’ departure from the show would assume his character won’t continue on because he did indeed die, but Heroes creator and executive producer Tim Kring “cautioned reporters not to necessarily ‘read anything into that'” (Ausiello).

But as TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello comments, “Well, considering this is the second Heroes press conference Roberts has bailed on this summer, I’m guessing D.L. is a goner” (Ausiello), and I can’t help but agree. I will certainly wait in anticipation of any twist Heroes has come up with this storyline though, as I have faith from the many dramatic surprises of last season that nothing is or will be quite what you expect!

Source: Ausiello, Michael. TV Guide.com, “Heroes Scoop: Cheerleader Exits, D.L. MIA and More!” 25 Jul 2007.

Photo courtesy of tv.yahoo.com


2 Responses to “Heroes: Who won’t you be seeing in Season 2?”

  1. 1 June September 6, 2007 at 7:16 pm

    it’s ok..i don’t really like DL anyway.hahaha…as long as HIRO NAKAMURA still in the 2nd season..it’s ok..anyway how bout the Petrelli’s brothers. Did they survived?

  2. 2 ella September 15, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    yeah the petrelli brothers do survive.
    well peter does.
    and nathan too i think.

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