Veronica Mars’ Kristen Bell becomes a Hero

waxprev.jpg Veronica Mars fans, never fear… or maybe you should. Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell will officially be appearing on NBC’s Heroes this October – perhaps as a villain (Errico). Of course, there aren’t any certainties on what kind of character she will be (because what fun would that be), but her character certainly sounds intriguing!

As NBC told E! News, Kristen Bell will “play ‘a sexy, intriguing, mysterious young lady’ named Elle, with ties to Peter (Milo Ventimiglia), Claire (Hayden Panettiere) and Claire’s father, aka HRG (Jack Coleman). While Elle makes the scene with a bang—committing a ‘terrible crime’—it will be unclear whether she’s really good or possibly the next Sylar” (Errico). It looks like Peter will have another attractive girl around who may end up being related to him. This isn’t looking up for fans looking for some Peter-related romance, but it sure is looking up for some very tantalizing drama to come with even more fascinating characters.

If Veronica Mars turning from sleuth to hero doesn’t give Bell fans a big enough dose, she’ll also be the narrator for the CW’s new series Gossip Girl premiering September 19th, as well as three 2008 films: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Fanboys, and Sheepish (voice) (Errico). The death of Veronica Mars seems to be far from the death of Bell’s rising stardom!

Errico, Marcus. “Veronica Mars Sleuths Out Heroes Gig.” E! News Online. 20 Aug 2007.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Movies


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