Age of Love: Winner Takes All

mark-philippoussis1.jpg Age of Love – the experiment to discover if age mattered in love, didn’t do much more than prove how things usually work out for women in the U.S. Even if a woman in her 40s is super hot and has it all together, the younger guy is still going to pick the younger woman. This, of course is not always true, but I’m sure happens plenty often to all single women as they get older. Poor Jen just had to deal with it on TV.

The finale was made excessively dramatic as every time the show returned from commercial, we were given a countdown of how many hours until Mark had to make his final decision. Oh the suspense! Really, though, the only suspense was if Mark would surprise us and pick Jen.

I don’t say this because I’d be surprised if Mark picked the older woman, because at first I thought he’d be eliminated all the 20s for being insanely annoying. I would have been surprised because throughout the season they didn’t hide at all that Amanda was the one of all the women Mark really had a connection with. He had good times with the other ladies and did say he was falling for Jen in the finale, but it was pretty clear, whether through chosen editing to make their nice love story or the inability to edit out their clear connection, that Amanda would be the one for him.

So really, the question of if age mattered in love didn’t make that much of a difference. The show pretty much displayed that all women will be catty and competitive, no matter what their age, and a good man will put age and everything else aside to consider who he really connects with, and when it all comes down to it.

The next new reality dating show should put aside throwing a whole bunch of young (or older), attractive people together and be a real dating show for “older” women and men. Part of the reason the majority of the couples don’t stay together on shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is because their lives are taking them in different ways and they’re still figuring out what they want. The 4os on Age of Love all had their lives figured out, which Mark liked, which means they’re ready for a lasting relationship with everything else settled but that. So, perhaps online dating services should set up a reality TV show for their real life clients who aren’t all models and professional cheerleaders.

As for now, plenty of well wishes to Mark and Amanda who I’m sure will live happily together as their Nashville and Australian lives come together in perfect harmony.

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Photo courtesy of MSN TV


2 Responses to “Age of Love: Winner Takes All”

  1. 1 Virgilius Sade August 8, 2007 at 11:02 pm

    I’ve seen it here broadcasted in Aussie shores and to me it’s like Big Brother; cheap, silly and non-informative. Talk about total fluff. Leave to a sportsman to know about the subject of love.

  2. 2 heatherpp April 9, 2010 at 9:28 am

    I loved your blog! Sounded a lot like you are thinking the same way as me… check out the experiment I have been discussing in my blog about the same thing.

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