Age of Love: Truth be told…

With Mark‘s luck with the women in this week’s Age of Love, I’m surprised he ended up with any women left standing! All four women left seemed to be putting in their last ditch efforts to win over Mark using extremely revealing salsa outfits, sexed-up salsa dancing, and scandalous back rubs in dark rooms with plenty of whispering. Oh yeah, and tragically unimpressive high tea skills for the 21-year-old. Nice moves from all ladies.

Their moves changed entirely when it came to elimination though. Maria gave her usual little speech to the ladies that she was going to eliminate herself because of her lack of connection with Mark, but this time around, she finally cut herself free. I guess the realization she could actually be chosen by a man she didn’t find that interesting made her ready to take off.

Then, while Mark was ready to whisk away the remaining three women to Australia to meet his family, another woman chose not to take off… on a plane anyway. Megan, the sweet yet very young 21-year-old’s terror of flying got the best of her. It was odd that she was still there in the first place as this episode brought their first one-on-one date and they seemed to have nothing more to say about each other than that they made each other laugh, so though I expected her to be a goner, I figured it’d be Mark when he finally saw they had no real connection.

Megan was going to try to stick it out, but after a freak out when boarding the plane, she decided a cab home was more her style. Clearly, though, a man who lives in Australia and a woman who lives in the U.S. with a fear of getting on a plane aren’t going to work out too well anyway.

Now, though not exactly by Mark’s choice, it’s down to Amanda and Jen. This makes sense since these two women are the ones who’ve had the strongest connections with Mark, but it’s interesting that Mark told Maria she would have stayed. Was he planning to eliminate either or both of these women whom he’s kissed and promised the most to? Interesting indeed. Now it’s time to see how the battle between 20s vs. 40s concludes as the women try to win over Mark’s family and ultimately Mark’s heart.

Check out the Age of Love finale next Monday night (8/6) at 9/8c!

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