Age of Love: Gettin’ down and dirty

Take a dollop of jealousy, a dash of crazy, stir it up, dump it in the middle of the woods with five women, one man, a lot of alcohol, and a game of truth-or-dare and you get… the most hilariously dramatic Age of Love episode yet!

The ladies were still plenty divided between the 20s and 40s, but with such a low number of women and such a high amount of tension, the anger and jealousy all got mashed together and thrown at everyone in its path. Surprisingly though, two of the three 40s leftover were the immature ones when it came to cat-fights at the campfire of their lovely camping trip this week.

Maria couldn’t handle relaxing and having a little childish fun with truth-or-dare as she straddled Mark to have a serious discussion about her feelings (heart touching included as usual for her), and then proceeded to completely flip out at the other women for giggling. Sure, they’re all adults and shouldn’t laugh at others like that, but really. Maria created an awkward situation for everyone and then was offended when they tried to laugh it off.

After all Maria’s drama, though, she was not the 40 who screwed herself over with Mark this week. Jayanna‘s sneaky and condescending comments finally caught up with her though she thought she had the last word with Mark on their night of camping after she was chosen to take a special walk with him. The more obsessed than sneaky Amanda had gone into Mark’s tent to wait for them to get back to make sure she got some one-on-one time with him that night.

Not only did she get to spend the night with Mark and have some truly “special” quality time with him, but she snitched on Jayanna which led to Mark realizing Jayanna’s true colors for which he decided she didn’t deserve a second chance.

Now it’s up to Mark to see if he’ll pick one of the two remaining 20s or one of the two remaining 40s… at this point, some hearts will most certainly be broken, so game on. Seriously, Maria.

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