Lost Brings Back Libby… For a Bit

cynthia_watros.jpgWhile Lost is certainly liberal with killing off main characters (especially when they fall in love on the island), that doesn’t always mean those characters disappear entirely from the show. Lost is the king of flashback scenes, creepy visions on the island, and now as of the end of Season 3, flash forwards too.

So all this creepiness and time-jumping brings “back” characters like the dear Boone who was among the first to die on the island, and now Hurley‘s love, Libby, who was taken down in the bout of Michael‘s insane attempts to get off the island.

Libby, played by Cynthia Watros, will be showing up on “multiple episodes” of Lost’s fourth season in what most likely will be flashbacks (Ausiello). According to Lost’s executive producer, Carlton Cuse, “‘She’ll be in enough of the show for us to fill in the missing pieces of her story,’…’We could not be more pleased. Cynthia is a smart and engaging actor, and [executive producer] Damon [Lindelof] and I have some very cool parts of her story left to tell'” (Ausiello).

Shocking – Lost will have more crazy, fascinating, and totally confusing stories to show us. But Libby is indeed lovable and she was by far left open ended as a character. For instance – why was she in a mental institution – the same one where Hurley was? And why (besides the obvious embarrassing reasons) did she not tell Hurley or did he know her there?

These questions may or may not get answered, and I’m sure plenty more questions will arise – definitely a tantalizing character to be seeing again.

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Ausiello, Michael. “Exclusive: Lost Resurrects Libby!” TVGuide.com. 2o Sep 2007.

Photo courtesy of 10800.ru


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