Starter Wife: Bailing Out.

The suspense about Lou‘s disappearance didn’t last long on The Starter Wife, but his reappearance was certainly dramatic enough to not leave any disappointment.

While Sam sat in jail with questions on the minds of the police as well as Molly about his involvement with Lou’s disappearance, a man jumped out in a dark parking garage to attack Molly. Where was her tough homeless hottie to save her?? Oh right. In jail because of the attacker: Lou Reincarnated!

And this part wasn’t one of Molly’s fantasy interludes. Lou was indeed present in flesh and blood, but with wishes to stay “missing,” or actually, to appear to be dead after all.

With a fake discovery of a suicide note that Lou pressed on Molly, we were left with a very satisfying ending with Sam walking wordlessly into Molly’s home.

Now with Cricket forgiving her husband for cheating, Molly leaning towards Sam even knowing Lou’s alive, and Kenny taking over the studio with Lou’s “death,” it seems about time to develop a new batch of troubles for these Hollywood misfits!


2 Responses to “Starter Wife: Bailing Out.”

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