Starter Wife: Back from the Dead.

Everybody wants to go to their own funeral (at least that’s what people say including Lou Manahan on The Starter Wife). And go to his own funeral he did. It turns out when you’re a very rich movie studio exec. you have your funeral in a concert hall. Perhaps I should consider a career change.

Lou was miserable enough to fake his own suicide, but at least he was still interested enough in his life to show up at his funeral to hear about it, which ended up changing his mind about being Lou Manahan. Though he was then stuck with community service for causing such trouble for the police and community, Lou happily returned to his life before even changing back into men’s clothing. And he’s after more than just getting his life back: he’s after Molly Kagan.

Though Molly turned down dinner with Lou as she looked upon Sam playing on the beach with her daughter, the complications of Sam’s very different lifestyle took a toll (and a screeching halt) to their relationship. Molly ran right to Lou after Sam declared he couldn’t do it, but claimed she just wanted a friend. We’ll see how long she lasts now that she’s manless and penniless since Lou’s return made waves not only in Molly’s life but in her ex-husband’s as well– not only did he not get to take over Lou’s job, but Lou fired him entirely for being the insensitive jerk he is. This is quite bittersweet for Molly as Kenny finally got what he deserved, but she will not get anything she deserves now in a divorce settlement.

And, in the middle of all this drama, this mini-series is already up for the season finale next week. Catch the finale of The Starter Wife on USA, Thursday 6/28 at 9/8c.


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