Starter Wife: Homeless Hottie on the Loose

The Starter Wife is turning out to be one of those great shows that is packed with scandal, but yet isn’t trumping the soap operas with craziness of it all. I love Desperate Housewives for its constant shockers, but it’s done very dramatically where as in the last episode of Starter Wife, I loved it all the way through but didn’t realize until the end how many scandalous things had gone on.

Molly found out her mysterious beach hottie, Sam, was on the beach so much because that was where he lived. Literally. No charming beach-side home but a charming beach-side box, as her catty ex-friends were so thrilled to tell her.

Meanwhile, Lou, her absent dinner date became a police case, she dressed up like a tramp to save Joan from rehab, and Cricket discovered her husband paying off their Russian nanny who he “accidentally” slept with. So, drama it is for The Starter Wife, but with a lot of contemplation for Molly which keeps the drama somehow more realistic as we see her many insecurities all throughout the cattiness, kisses, and failing marriages.

Check out the next episode of The Starter Wife on USA tonight at 9/8c!


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