Starter Wife’s Cinderella: Divorced and Fabulous

The Starter Wife finale was certainly a modern fairytale ending for a modern-day Cinderella. Perhaps it was actually the Cinderella post-happily-ever-after story. After all, as we saw in the premier episode, Molly had it all. She was Hollywood royalty and had the prince who’d swept her off her poor, confused feet to get her there.

How sweet. But then Prince Charming turned out to be a hairy, short, unappreciative movie studio exec. who our Cinderella didn’t even get to dump herself, but had to have the added humiliation of being shunned from the castle and kingdom. Molly’s fairytale friends (who were introduced as The Wizard of Oz characters so they’re stronger and wiser in Cinderella’s mixed-up modern tale… they aren’t just little mice running around but a lion with courage, a tinman with a heart, and a scarecrow with a brain) so they are much more stable and real than the friends the old Cinderella had.

So our Cinderella-Dorthy, or Dorthella if you will, with her improved and wiser friends was able to kick back in a beach house instead of a being locked in a basement when she was shunned and was then able to find a whole new version of her Prince Charming.

Now, of course this being a modern tale, Cinderella doesn’t simply find a new man to take on the Rotten Prince or to even just try to take her away from the other guy who snuck into the picture to mix things up even more. This tale truly is of a super-hybrid Dorthella character as she got to follow along the yellow brick road of her new and colorful life, finding out her true friends along the way, and finding herself as well. While Dorthy didn’t get a man at the end (probably because she’s still pretty young), since Molly’s the bigger, better, stronger, older, and wiser Dorthella, she not only gets to find herself but in that discover what kind of man she really wants. And she helps all her friends along the way including the man as well.

It’s a perfectly wrapped up ending all neat and tidy in a bow just like a fairytale, but with a much more satisfying and believable happy ending. We’ve seen her stumble and we’ve seen her fall. And we’ve seen her put herself back together again. The Starter Wife turned out to be an uplifting and very positive, and, dare I say, impowering story for women. While some may argue it was too nicely wrapped up and perhaps she shouldn’t have ended up with a man, it was so well justified that she was ready and had found her way on her own, that why not let our fictional friends be as happy as they can be?

Farewell to The Starter Wife, and perhaps some of us will go on to actually read the book now with the encouragement of easy-access TV entertainment! If you are so inspired, check it out:
 The Starter Wife by Gigi Levangie Grazer.


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