Nate And Jennylee Back on BATG

Nate & JennyleeThis season’s Beauty and The Geek kicked off with Nate and Jennylee (the cutie couple from last season) out trolling the U.S. in search of candidates for the show.

After scouring Boston (where Nate hails from), Washington D.C., Chicago, Little Rock (Arkansas), Hollywood, and Las Vegas (Jennylee’s home), the cast was set.

I quickly pinpointed my geek crushes this go-around, with Luke and Jesse in the lead, and Will and Tony closing in.

Right away there have been some surprises, including “ranking” each player’s weaknesses and letting the two who stand to improve the most (Josh and Shay) pick all the teams.

And the doozy, of course, is that there’s one team of a “geek girl” and a “hot guy.”

The teams are:
Shay & Josh (a strategic choice on their part, as they hope to be seen as non-threatening and thus won’t be called in to the elimination room)
Amanda & Tony
Jasmine & David (David was less than thrilled to be paired with Jasmine, and he even asked not to be during team selection deliberations)
Erin & Jesse
Natalie & John
Jen & William (another less than happy pairing)
Rebecca & Will
Hollie & John (yet another less than thrilled pairing)
Katie & Luke

In all, five of the nine teams were paired strategically on the part of Josh & Shay.

Hope it doesn’t come back to bite them in the you know what!


2 Responses to “Nate And Jennylee Back on BATG”

  1. 1 pufone September 20, 2007 at 12:45 pm

    Thanks for reminding me about this show, I love it.
    Jenny is hot!

  2. 2 dkarl September 22, 2007 at 8:00 pm

    My two favorites to win are Josh-Hollie or Jesse-Erin the first team to go will be that giant amazon jen and william. I think the twist couple will be a around for a bit but they won’t win. theres a bunch of interview clips from Nicole Morgan on she seems like a mega smart person and pretty open to trying new things i think she’ll propel the team ahead.

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