Cases Closed on The Closer

The past two eps of The Closer have been just the way I like ’em. Full of quick, funny dialogue, plenty of who-done-it and personal drama.

Between the two latest eps, my new favorite characters are the two oldest men in the squad–Lt. Provenza and Lt. Flynn (and not because my cats’ name is also Flynn).

Both men are getting on in years, and both have some of the best lines on the show.

When discovering that a casket contained one body, that of a deceased detective, along with the body of a naked woman, Lt. Prouvenza quipped, “Looks like you can take it with you.”

Later, while eating wedding cake from a postponed wedding, he said, “Nothing tastes better than somebody else’s wedding cake,” which I do believe to be true.

This week’s ep had French Stewart playing an aggressive real estate agent (kind of redundant, I know) trying to strong-arm Brenda and Fritz into buying a house within minutes of walking into it.

On the business side of things, Brenda and crew were tasked to solve multiple murders occurring at a senior living center, which also tounched a nerve with Lt. Provenza, apparently making him feel his age a bit.

When Lt. Provenza took a liking to the murder suspect, an older gentlemen/resident of the center, I felt for him–really for both of them. For the most part, let’s face it, getting old sucks.

Next week should be interesting, as Brenda has to solve a case on her own while her whole team are needed elsewhere. Don’t worry–I have a feeling she’ll be able to close the case.


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